Using Cloud HR Software to Provide a Great Induction for Your New Employees


Finding the right staff for your business can be time consuming and stressful, but once you find the perfect candidates, it can be too easy to sit back and assume that your job is done. The reality is that it’s just the start of the journey with your new employees and you need to make sure that their initial introduction to the company is a positive one. Employee onboarding is a challenge for many businesses but here are some tips on how you can provide a great induction to your new staff members using a cloud HR system.

Get Them Noticed

It might seem cruel to put your new employee on the spot, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you work for a smaller company, it’s easy to introduce them to everyone quickly but in larger businesses, it can be all too easy to get lost in the crowd. Having newbies introduced to everyone in the company breaks the ice and lets other departments know that there is a new face in the company. If you have a company newsletter, introducing them on this is an easy way to get their name out there or you can also set up meetings with senior department heads to discuss how the business works and communicate to other staff members on your HR platform that there is another team member joining.

Utilise Interactive Learning

Online learning systems are a great way to provide learning and make it easy for businesses to keep their training guides and information up to date. The flexibility of using software to learn about the company and their new role will make the prospect of education less scary to a new employee, who already has a lot to take in during the first few weeks of starting a new role. It also allows managers and HR teams to see in real time how the individual is progressing with their training so they can help them with anything they’re struggling with.

Focus on Core Values

When you’re bringing someone else in to the company, it can be easy to assume that everyone is on the same page about the core values and culture of the business. But newbies need to be filled in on this information and having this knowledge will make their transition into a fully-fledged member of the team much easier.

Set Up Regular Reviews

As the individual gets settled in, it’s a good idea to schedule in regular reviews so that you can assess their performance and training, and they can ask any questions they may have. It’s a great opportunity for each of you to raise issues or concerns you may have, as well as offer praise for tasks completed well, and to discuss how the role will develop going forward. Feedback is important from both sides, so review meetings can be booked in using software to ensure they’re in place and occur on a regular basis.


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