Want to Try Something New? Try the Arts and Entertainment Scene in Denmark!

From Viking treasures and legendary folklore to some of the most advanced contemporary designs, Denmark is renowned as a country with a rich cultural history. It’s also a country that promotes its arts and entertainment scene all around the world, backed with tremendous amounts of support from its government. This is because the Danish government actively encourages its citizens to develop their creativity by providing the necessary monetary backup, as well as opportunities in the marketplace. They also make a vigorous effort to celebrate artists and their pieces by proudly promoting their products at events such as exhibitions and displays around the country.


Want to Try Something New Try the Arts and Entertainment Scene in Denmark!

With a flourishing arts scene that expands into literature, music, theatre and visuals, Denmark is home to many aspiring artists and its own booming movie industry. Visitors interested in design can start with the Dansk Design Centre in Copenhagen, which showcases some of the country’s best industrial designers and hip modern artists.

As the Culture Trip explores in their article on Olafur Eliasson, which you can access here, at the ARoS Art Museum in Aarhus, travellers can check out the work of the prolific artist, known internationally for his art installation projects. One of his most well-known works, Your Rainbow Panorama, is showcased on the roof of the museum, depicting all colours of the rainbow. Some of his other iconic projects, which have given a futuristic look to cities all around the globe, include The Weather Project, displayed at Tate Modern London, and the façades for Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik.

Moreover, as the Daily Scandinavian highlights in their article, which you can read here, for the lovers of the performing arts, it’s worth mentioning that the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen, which was founded in 1748, is still welcoming plays on its stage. In this sector, Copenhagen is the most influential city in Denmark. Its Operaen building is home to the Royal Danish Opera, where the Royal Danish Orchestra performs. Moreover, the Royal Danish Ballet, one of the most critically acclaimed worldwide, has attracted the talents of many masters and choreographers, including the likes of August Bournonville.



When it comes to entertainment, the film industry is on a rise due to the incredible demand led by streaming services. Ten years ago, the government-sponsored Danish Film Institute was funding the production of two or three television series, while now, there are about 20, in addition to two dozen films. Their reputation for complex narratives and devotion to national identity is what makes them so desirable. The question is, though, can a 5.8 million people nation handle the demand?
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Just like its other two sibling Scandinavian countries, Denmark has started exploring another side of entertainment: online casinos. Last year, figures showed that Denmark had the second-highest online gambling participation rate in Europe. With those figures in mind, 2021 has brought the launch of many new platforms to the Danish gambling market. For more details on what they have on offer, including bonuses, types of games, and popular software providers, visitors can read this article. There are lots of things to look out for when searching for a new site to visit.

In summary, Denmark is a country worth visiting, not only for its impressively healthy and green way of living but also for its rich cultural legacy. Danish people are welcoming of tourists, but bear in mind that they are well known for their sense of humour and sarcasm, so make sure you go there with an open mind and an open eye to admire all of this country’s beauty.