Water Cooler or Dispenser? – Which Is a Good Investment for You?


You’d always find a water cooler or dispenser at the gossip spot of your office. A water cooler or dispenser is an essential appliance for your home as well as your workplace. It is convenient and promotes hydration which leads to countless health benefits. 

A convenient spring water cooler or a dispenser is a great way to encourage family members to drink and stay hydrated. If you have a water cooler or dispenser, you get to drink spring water that is free of additives, contaminants and not sold in plastic bottles.

Options for dispensing spring water

The appliances that are used to dispense water come in two types: water coolers and water dispensers. But what are the differences between these two options? Are the features of a spring water cooler different from that of a water dispenser?

Keep moving forward and spot the differences between a spring water cooler and a water dispenser with us!

Water dispensers

Water dispensers are immensely popular and large appliances in which you can store at least 5 gallons of water by means of a bottle. The water bottle usually sits at the top of the water dispenser and feeds water to the faucets, thanks to gravity. 

Water dispensers are standard appliances in offices. Moreover, office water dispensers are quite popular and cost-effective because you can swap empty bottles with filled spring water bottles.

However, a standard water dispenser only allows you to pour water at room temperature. If you want chilled, cold or hot water, you’d have to invest in an electric water dispenser. 

Spring water cooler 

Water coolers are also known as electric water dispensers that feature heating and cooling coils. You can dispense chilled, lukewarm, cold, and hot water via a tap. It can store at least 4 to 5 gallons of purified or spring water. 

Spring water cooler consists of more than one tap through which you can dispense hot water and make instant noodles, tea and coffee instantly.

Spring water coolers look very similar to water dispensers but they require a plug outlet to use the water heating and cooling features. 

While old models use the same design as the water dispenser, new models hide the large water bottle behind a cabinet, just beneath the functional taps. 

Types of water coolers and dispensers to access fresh spring water

The following are popular types of water coolers and dispensers to pour spring water and yield all the natural compounds and critical nutrients: 

  • Countertop water coolers and dispensers
  • Freestanding water coolers and dispensers

Countertop water coolers and dispensers

Countertop water coolers and dispensers

Before investing in a particular type of water dispenser or water cooler, think about the place where you want your family members or employees to get water. Unless you are investing in a spring water cooler, you won’t need an electrical outlet nearby. Therefore, you can place the water dispenser wherever there’s space. 

As for the water cooler, you’d need an electrical outlet nearby so that your employees or family members could pour water at different temperatures.

The countertop water coolers and dispensers are incredible for small or narrow spaces. However, you’d need a slightly bigger space for a spring water cooler as the dispensed water won’t be as cold due to small and low-functioning compressors. 

Freestanding water coolers and dispensers

On the other hand, freestanding water coolers provide quick access to chilled water. There should not be a problem designating space for freestanding water coolers because they are long in height and have a narrow width. 

Extra features of countertop and freestanding water coolers 

Both types of water coolers might provide you with an additional tap to dispense water at different temperatures. However, it depends on the model and brand you choose. 

Moreover, you should also look for a child protection lock feature in water cooler units to protect your children from accidental burns due to hot water sprouting right through the tap. 

Another feature to pay attention to is the space between the tube faucet and the dripping tray. Ensure that there’s enough space for the employees’ water bottles to stand on the tray.

Most units of water coolers are made from plastic or stainless steel. Therefore, we recommend choosing a stainless steel water cooler because it is more hygienic and keeps the taste of the plastic out of the spring water. 

If the employees or your family members drink spring water, there’s no need to invest in a water cooler with a filtration system.

Final verdict

A water cooler seems to be a more convenient and efficient choice than a water dispenser because you can make coffee, instant noodles, and even iced tea in the scorching heat. It allows you to pour out the water at different temperatures while a water dispenser pours out water at room temperature only. 

However, you should do your due diligence and proper research on the best brand and model before investing in a spring water cooler. 

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