Ways To Find Yourself An Impactful Life Coach For Development


Development in life is important to grow in both professional and personal lives! Growth requires facing constant challenges and sometimes people are not fully ready for challenges. Why? Well, individuals, thoughts are limited by beliefs that many times leave them feeling stuck in challenging situations.  

In such cases, life coaches can be the bright light of hope that can help you tackle various challenges that life throws at you. With clarity, accountability, an actionable plan, and foreseeable goals the right life coach can help you remarkably to level up in life. 

So, finding an impactful life coach like Rico Handjaja can help you significantly identify the problems you are facing for development. Here are ways you can find an impactful life coach for your professional and personal development:

Navigating A Proficient Life Coach

Navigating a life coach skilled enough is essential to get a solid actionable future plan or for personal guidance. Considering various factors you can find yourself a remarkable life coach like Rico Handjaja who will be capable of handling your troubles. 

Though every life coach is trained enough to guide you through the journey of a challenging life finding one up to marks makes it inevitable for you to get the best guidance possible. So, without wasting time let’s delve into ways you can navigate a proficient life coach: 

  • Seek Coach Based On Your Goals

While it can be hard to identify all root causes of trouble by yourself just having a general idea of what you need help with can be beneficial in your search. Finding a life coach becomes convenient once you know if you lack confidence, or clarity or just have some personal troubles. 

How? Results you want to see through getting life coaching can be achieved best with coaches mastering or experienced in your specific life issues. For instance, if you want help with setting future goals you would want a life coach who is good with helping people have clarity in life.  

  • Check the Qualifications Of Coach

Checking coaches’ qualifications through their certification or general educational background will allow you to know how beneficial they are going to be in your journey of self-development. If a life coach has certificates from reputable institutes you can freely reach out to them for guidance. 

If not certifications, you can also rely on reviews and ratings of the life coach. Most life coaches like Rico Handjaja have an online presence where you can see testimonials of their previous clients. 

  • Research Or Ask For Referrals

You can find life coaches based on your locality or can even consider appointing someone through online means. Especially, social media is a place where you can find some really proficient life coaches. Further, you can also rely on recommendations from your friends or family about a life coach. 

  • Consult With A Few Life Coaches

Before finalizing a coach for your development you would want to consider reaching out to a few! Why? Well, consulting a few life coaches beforehand gives you broader options and helps you find one you will be comfortable enough to consult with throughout the process. 

You can engage or learn about a life coach through their webinars, and workshops or even have a scheduled consultation before even choosing them for the whole procedure.  

  • Examine Costs With Other Factors

Discuss the fees of the life coach before committing as you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket from excessive costs. Additionally, you would also want to talk out other things like the duration of the process, frequency, scheduling and cancellation policies.  


Finding an impactful life coach Rico Handjaja for personal development can be done conveniently once you know your requirements. With a thorough assessment of life coaches’ qualifications, testimonials, fees and consultation you will find a coach capable of empowering you to achieve your goals. 

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