What Are The Most And Least Dangerous Professions?

While most people have times when they don’t want to work, most of us expect that we will be safe while on the job. Sure, work can be stressful, but most professions are relatively safe. Most people don’t want to worry about their physical safety while at work. Luckily, most career paths are pretty low risk.

However, there are some exceptions to this. Some jobs are much more dangerous than others, and the riskiest ones might not be what you’d expect. Many of these jobs are extremely important, and society wouldn’t be able to function without people working in these roles. 

Of course, standards and safety nets are in place to protect people who do more dangerous jobs. In fact, organizations like OSHA exist for this purpose. Still, not all risks can be completely reduced, and people doing these jobs often understand these factors. 

Discover the statistics on the most and least dangerous professions in this guide and suggestions for what to do if you are injured at work. 

What If I’m Injured While On The Job?

Being injured while on the job is terrifying, and worker’s compensation is complicated. There are people trained to assist with these complex situations. If you’re hurt on the job and not getting treated fairly, a qualified attorney can assist you. Also, if a loved one dies because of negligence on the company’s part, you can work with a wrongful death attorney

What Are The Most Dangerous Careers In America?

When it comes to the riskiest jobs, statistics show answers you might not expect. Many people assume that jobs like law enforcement are dangerous. Still, this career actually doesn’t even land in the top ten.

Still, remember that these figures are complicated to find. There are various methodologies for determining which job is riskiest. Some studies look at deaths, while others account for injuries. However, this study is often cited for its accuracy.

According to statistics, here are the top ten most dangerous jobs in the country:

  1. Logging workers
  2. Fishermen and women 
  3. Aircraft pilots and engineers
  4. Roofers
  5. Trash and recycled material collectors
  6. Iron and steel workers
  7. Truckers and other drivers
  8. Farmers and ranchers
  9. Construction workers
  10. Grounds maintenance professionals

Many of the most dangerous careers have individuals outdoors or in construction conditions where they are more likely to be hurt by equipment. Vehicle crashes and deaths are also extremely common while on the job.

What About The Safest Professions?

Knowing the most dangerous jobs is interesting and important, but how about safe career paths? Many people want to ensure their job doesn’t increase the risk of a severe injury or fatality, so if you want a safer career, consider one of the following options:

  1. Copywriters and other writers
  2. Librarians
  3. Human resources professionals
  4. Computer analysts and programmers
  5. Nutritionists
  6. Telemarketers
  7. Accountants
  8. Marketing professionals

Aside from librarians, the above list is probably not shocking. Most of the jobs on the safe list are office work, and many of these are often done at home. Working in an office environment is much safer than working outside or with heavy equipment and machinery. 

Did The Results Surprise You?

How did you feel about the statistics related to safe and dangerous jobs? Some results may be expected, while others may not have crossed your mind. While most careers contribute to society in some way, many dangerous careers are challenging and underappreciated, so it’s crucial to recognize the risks these workers often take on.

It’s essential to acknowledge their efforts.