What Dental Supplies Do You Need to Start Your Practice?


There are many things to do when setting up a dental practice, and getting the right supplies is a crucial part of the process.

Factoring in cost, availability, and quality is something that every decision-making individual at a dental practice needs to take seriously – it can make the difference between operating at full potential with happy customers or having to cancel bookings and developing a poor reputation with patients. You can start your own medical practice by getting a medical tenant rep, you need to get good medical office space first.

What Supplies do You Need to Get Started?

If you’ve just recently set up your dental practice, or are in the process of redeveloping it to cater to different procedures and dentistry, then it’s likely that you’ll need to carefully evaluate what services you’re offering (or planning to offer), and check your existing inventory against your new needs.

There are several considerations you need to think about when ordering your supplies – are they cost-effective and value for money? Do they provide the best performance for their duties? Are they eco-friendly or recyclable?

When setting up, you’re going to need to look at various technological devices and machines, as well as the accessories and tools required to operate them at full capacity.

You’ll also need to look at whether there are any legal or ethical considerations or minimum standards associated with the products.

There’s also safety and infection control to be managed – you need to make sure you can safely dispose of needles, have appropriate coverage for chairs, and can effectively disinfect and clean surfaces.

The GDC (General Dental Council) have minimum standards that dentists must comply with in order to run their practices, and as every UK dentist must be registered with the GDC – these standards have to be met.

As a new practice, it’s vital that you have the right supplies and machinery, with correct procedures in place, to meet these standards to be allowed to practice dentistry.

What Supplies do You Need for Daily Use?

As well as the fixed supplies and machinery you need to conduct procedures, there’s a huge quantity of disposable items and supplies that your practice will likely be using daily.

This could include products such as:

  • Disposable PPE (Gloves, Masks, Chair Covers, Overalls / Bibs)
  • Disinfectants and Cleaning Products (Wipes, swabs, paper towels)
  • First Aid Items (Swabs, gauzes, tape)
  • Procedural Tools (Trays, needles, implement tips)
  • Procedural Materials (Fillings, Prosthetics, Moulding devices)

Having access to these supplies is critical, and being able to order and receive them regularly will determine how well your practice operates.

What Supplies Should You Have in Reserve?

Trying to balance cost and efficiency isn’t always easy; you have to think about your budget and current needs and predict your future needs.

But having a reserve supply of dental tools and materials is important, especially in turbulent global times, where supply from international companies is often met with high levels of demand and frequent delays caused by external, uncontrollable situations.

When stocking your dental surgery or practice, you need to think about what you use the most – the items that can only be used once before disposal, the pieces that need the most cleaning or attention, and evaluate the vital machines and parts that are in constant use to determine how much lifespan is left in their usability, and when you’re going to need to replace them.

At a minimum, your dental practice should always have plenty of:

  • PPE for Staff (including disposable gloves, aprons, and masks)
  • PPE for Customers (including seat covers, bibs, and eye protection)
  • Cleaning Materials (for disinfection and infection control)
  • Procedure Materials (for fillings, cleanings, and repairs)

It’s important that you keep a careful record of your inventory and perform regular stock checks to ensure that you don’t get caught short!

Choosing the Best Supplies for Your Practice

Kent Express Dental Supplies were founded in 1982 and have spent the last 40 years providing dentists across the UK with high-quality, cost-effective solutions to their operating needs.

When you’re looking for the best quality, at affordable prices, with great customer service and efficient delivery – you’re looking for Kent Express.

Whether you need additional PPE, operational tools, or infection control products, or you’re looking to replace your machinery with high-tech, easy-to-use pieces – Kent Express Dental Supplies can help you determine exactly what you need and get it to you on time.

Expand the services you’re offering, or enhance the quality with the right dental supplies and the tools that you need.




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