What is Composite Decking? How to Install Composite Decking?


If you are considering adding decks to your home, it is essential to assess all the options available. Some of the most common materials for decking include; plywood, traditional wood, composite decking, and several other products. If you are looking for expert advice on the best decking option, then you are in the right place. What is composite decking? Why should you choose composite decking, and how to fit composite decking?

What is composite decking? 

What is composite decking? As the name suggests, composite decking is a product made up of two or more materials. Also known as wood-plastic composite (WPC) is a popular choice for decking due to homeowners’ benefits. It is becoming the largest alternative for timber decks which are challenging to get. Also for the best composite decking, you can contact HR Composites for the best offers.

What is Composite decking made up of? 

After knowing what is composite decking, you must be thinking, what is composite decking made up of? Well, Wallong composite decking is a hybrid material composed of reclaimed timber/ wooden fiber and plastic (such as recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE)) and additives (which act as bonding agents). The ratio of each ingredient varies from brand to brand.

What is Composite decking made up of

Types of composite decking

Composite decking boards are classified into two different classes based on the different techniques, properties, and manufacturing processes. Some of the most common types of composite decking boards are listed below. Also, if you are looking for the best composite decking contact Composite decking for sale at HR Composites.

  • Uncapped composite decking

No outer plastic cover, and it is also known as first-generation composite decking.

  • Capped composite decking

It has an outer plastic coating to provide more water resistance and durability.

Regular treatment & profile of Capped& Uncapped composite decking

  • Grooved composite decking

It normally exists in the first generation decking.

  • Woodgrain composite decking

Some customer likes the woodgrain which just like wood, it makes the deck more natural.

  • Solid composite decking

It has a solid and uniform texture and provides the highest level of strength against loading and abrasion.

  • Hollow composite decking

Normally, there’s square hollow and round hollow, which helps reduce the weight and keep the board drained and ventilated. Certainly, the cost of hollow composite decking is lower than solid composite decking.

Hollow composite decking

How to install composite decking? 

Wallong composite decking engineered with outstanding fade, scratch, stain, and mold resistance, hassle-free maintenance takes the work out of the weekend. Anti-slip WPC composite decking is ideal for your premium residential and commercial applications. Please check out the installation guide and follow it step by step, to make a cozy garden for your families.

  1. Make sure that the ground is flate and the joist supporting the deck is placed properly and is spaced adequately. The maximum recommended joist space is 350mm.
  2. A 15mm gap should be left between the ends of joist and wall to avoid expansion.
  3. A starter clip needs to be fixed to the start of the joist before laying the 1st deck.
  4. Put the first board and fix it to each joist it crosses using a rwo of starter clips.
  5. T clips into the groove along the side of the board and screw them into the joists with the screw we provided.
  6. Fit the next board by sliding it onto the T clops to secure the first board, then repeat the above steps.
  7. The end of boards must be fully supported. No overhang is allowed.
  8. Screw fascia board to cover the end of decking to achieve the finish of look.

Wallong technology’s composite decking  

If you are interested in buying composite decking, you should consider Wallong Technology your number one choice. Their composite decking offers multiple benefits; Some of the advantages you can expect from their products are as follow:

  • Long life span
  • Easy installation
  • Abrasion, Scratch, UV, water, and stain resistant
  • Anti-slip
  • Environmental friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Could achieve Class Bfl1-s1 fire rating for co-extrusion products

Wallong technology is there in the market since 2008. It is one of the fastest-growing WPC manufacturers in china. It is well known for its innovation and premium quality. Their wood plastic composite decking has become a popular choice for indoor and outdoor decking. Their product has the highest quality that can easily replicate the advantages of traditional timber decking without any of the defects like fading, rotting, and staining. So contact them without any delay, and enjoy their premium service.   


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