Are Dog Food Delivery Services Worth it?


If you have pets, especially dogs, feeding them can be quite a task. Dog food can be expensive, especially if you are getting ready-made food from dog delivery services. It is way cheaper to make fresh food at home, but there are options if you are too busy to do the preparations yourself. There are a lot of dog food delivery services, but not all are reliable and provide the healthiest food for your four-legged friend. However, these two solid food options have been in this industry for quite some time now. They have at other times gained experience and knowledge of how to prepare the best dog food, and how to deliver it to you on time. Despite the price tag, here are a few reasons why dog delivery services are worth your money.

Delivery Services Save You Time

Life can be very busy with work and all other activities. You have limited time to spare and prepare food for your dog. Since your dog needs to eat whether or not you have the time to prepare the food yourself, then you might need the services of a dog food delivery company. You will need to drive to the store to buy food or even have to deal with all the measurements and mixing to get your dog the right nutrients in the right proportions. All you need is to take your phone and call or order online. They will deliver the dog to your doorstep, and all you need to do is to pour it for your furry friend.

Flexible Schedules

With the delivery services, you never have to worry about your dog food running out. You also never have to worry about the stores getting closed before you can find time to buy your dog food. The delivery service companies can deliver any time you ask them to, as long as it is within their working hours. A few of them work around the clock, so you can even order at night after you get home from work or during the day if you are on the night shift.

Quality and Well-prepared Food

You will find it difficult to create time to prepare quality dog food if you are busy with work. Furthermore, you may not have the deeper knowledge of preparing the right portions like those trained for this purpose. Most dog delivery services employ individuals that are well versed with dogs, and that includes preparing the animals’ food. They understand how to mix the right proportions to give your dog the best. You could have a ‘size-fits-all package or have them examine your pet and then give you a specific option for your dog. You will end up getting better food than you could have ever prepared yourself.

Convenient Packaging

When you order dog food from delivery services, the food comes packaged in convenient and easy-to-handle packets. You do not have to handle sacks of food that are inconvenient to carry and store. The small packs allow you to store the food in your fridge or freezer, and also make it easy to serve when your pet needs to eat. The food comes prepared in the right proportion so you will not need to do anything apart from serving during feeding time.

Delivery Services Bring Fresh Food

Dog food delivery services ensure that they bring you fresh, nutritious, and high-quality food. Most of these companies prepare their dog food in human-grade kitchens ensuring the utmost levels of cleanliness. They then freeze these foods to avoid adding preservatives and deliver them to your doorstep while in that condition. You only need to take the packages and place them in your freezer. All you need to do is thaw the food when you need to feed your pup. Unlike the food prepared at home which you may forget to freeze and allow it to stay a day or two, this food will always come frozen ensuring that it is always fresh.

However, it may also be beneficial to know the risks in food delivery so that you will have an idea on what to avoid. There are some services that do bring fresh food, but there are also a few that don’t. so it is important to learn which services provide the best to satisfy their customers. To know more, read our article on the 5 Biggest Food Delivery Risks When Ordering from Restaurants.

Get Coupons and Discounts

When you frequently order your dog’s food from the dog food delivery services, they list you as one of their loyal and consistent customers. When you get this subscription, you stand a chance to get attractive discounts and coupons that will enable you to save some money when buying food for your pet. You also get other perks to help your dog feel better. Some will even go as far as offering regular check-ups of your dogs to ensure they remain in good health. Those are extra services that you would not get if you instead buy your food off supermarket shelves.


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