What Is Email Automation and How It Can Grow Your Business?


Email automation is the process of sending time or action triggered emails to subscribers with relevant information. It is also known as email marketing, which can be a powerful tool to help a business grow. Unlike newsletters and one-off campaigns that are created and sent to a whole list of people in one go, email automation is set up once then automatically sent to a specific individual when that person meets a certain trigger.

For example, imagine that Facebook or Twitter is your business, and you want the people who will signup for an account to receive an email that will welcome them and show them the steps to get started. It would be a waste of time to create and send emails manually to every person that will sign up. Therefore, you can instead set up an automated email that will be sent to whoever joins your sign-up list.

That is how email automation works. You can set up an email campaign once, and continue sending them to those who meet the trigger you defined, without you having to lift a finger. Email automation essentially “automates” your business’ marketing.

How Can Email Automation Grow Your Business?

Email automation or marketing is popular in businesses today because it’s relatively easy, quick to get started, and it does not cost much. And when it’s done right, it can help you generate quite a bit of profit. The idea behind email marketing is that you’d build a list of clients, prospects, customers, and subscribers who want to hear about your business. Then, you market your business to them via email automation, sending them emails regularly so that your business will stay top of mind, leading to more sales.

If you are wondering about the benefits that email automation can provide, then here are the different kinds of automated emails you can start sending today, that will help grow your business.

Email automation can welcome new subscribers or customers

Email automation can be used to welcome new subscribers or customers to your business. Based on research, about 96% of website visitors are not yet ready to buy whatever your business is offering. But these people have shown interest in it, meaning they are perfect candidates to continue communicating and informing about your product or services to get them to buy in the future.

One way to do this is to get your website visitors to subscribe to your email list. It is a much smaller conversion action compared to handing over money to buy your product. That’s why people are more likely to do it. Once they subscribe to your email list, you can welcome them to your list via an automated email campaign. There, you can offer a special subscriber-only deal or offer that might attract them to buy.

Email automation can increase product usage

Many online applications offer free trial periods to get potential customers to try the product or service they offer, who eventually become their paying customers. However, before people become paying customers, they need to realize the value of the product first during the trial period. If they are unable to find value, they won’t start paying for it.

Therefore, you first need to create a campaign, place your subscriber list on it, and send it out. For you to encourage people to realize the value of your product or service, you can utilize a series of automated emails that will be sent to people when they create an account. This will depend on the kind of business that you offer to your customers. But your goal is to get people to go back into your application, which will increase the usage of your product.

Email automation can be used to gather feedback

Aside from persuading potential customers to buy your product or service, and to increase product usage, you can also use email automation to know the feedback of your customers to your business. Knowing their feedback is important because it’s challenging to build a product that your customers want. In fact, it can be next to impossible if you do not have a deep understanding of what your customers are really looking for.

Therefore, one of the best ways to be able to get the needs and comments of your customers is by directly asking them. And you can do this by sending out automated emails, as well. For example, you can send the people who’ve tried using your application a short email with the question of why they sign up and what they can say about your product. Another option is by linking them to surveys created using other tools.

It is very easy to do, and it can help you grow your business in many ways. By knowing what the customers want, you’ll be able to prioritize features better because you will know the reason why they are using your product.

Email automation can be used to inform customers of upcoming expirations

If your product requires a subscription that is paid monthly, semi-annually, or annually, then email automation can be useful for this, as well. When you lose existing customers, it can cost your business lots of money. One of the best ways you can do to prevent this is to send email campaigns to your customers and inform them that the expiration of their subscription, policy, or account is coming up.

Your email automation campaign can remind your customers on the date of the expiration of their accounts and to renew their subscriptions. You can also provide a discount offer and a simple call to action to attract them to renew right away. This kind of automated email is very effective when it comes to getting people to renew their accounts. It can help you grow your business by generating more sales and earning more from your existing customers.

Email automation can be used to promote your new blog posts, products, and services

If blog posts are part of your company’s marketing strategy, then you can use email automation as one of the most powerful channels to grow your audience. When you publish a new post online, send your subscribers an email, letting them know about the new post and inviting them to click through and read.

When you do this, make sure that your automated email includes an engaging graphic and some compelling preview text that can explain what the post is about briefly. It should also include a call to action to read the full post. This can help grow your business by attracting your customers to visit your website, read the content, and share it with other people. This is also very effective when it comes to promoting new products and services to your customers.

Email automation can be used to promote your event

If your business involves hosting events, like training and webinars, then it can be challenging to get people to attend, which is a critical part of driving a positive return on investment. There are times that even when you get a lot of registrations, only a few people will end up attending the event. But email automation can help you with this problem.

Sending people reminder emails about the event is a great way to increase attendance. Once an individual registered for your event, send them a series of automated emails in the lead up to the day of the event, which will encourage them to attend. Then, after the event, you can send them automated emails again, which includes the slides and access to other details about the event that occurred. Doing this can help grow your business by ensuring that the maximum people would either attend the event live or see a recording of the event, which can help return the highest ROI possible.

These are some of the best ways of how email automation can help you grow your business. Just remember that when sending automated emails, send only relevant content to your customers. Try to place yourself in the shoes of your clients and ask yourself if your email is relevant and interesting to them.

With this, we can say that email automation is indeed a great tool that businesses can use. It can help you reach more customers easier and faster compared to other marketing strategies. There are still more ways in which it can help your business. You just need to be creative in coming up with the kinds of emails you will send, and of course, it depends mainly on the type of business you have.

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