What is hard drive grinding


A hard disk drive (HDD) is a non volatile computer storage device having magnetic disks. It is a secondary type storage device which is used to store data permanently, Random access memory being the primary storage device of computer. Non volatile is defined as the data is retained when computer is turned off. A hard disk drive is also called hard drive. Typically hard drive spins at 5400 to 15000 round per minute(RPM). This disk moves at an accelerated rate which allow data to accessed instantly. Many hard drive operates on high speed interfaces using ATA or serial connected technology. When platters rotate, an arm with a read/write head extends across the platters. These arm write new data to platters and reads new data from platters. All data is stored magnetically which allows information remain safe when computer is turned off. What is hard drive grinding or buzzing?

Some times when you are working on computer, a random noise start coming from your hard drives like grinding noise, clicking noise or buzzing noise from hard disk drive.There are some issues which can be accrued during using the computer. Lets discuss some main issues of hard drive and how can we avoid these type of issues.

There are to possible reasons for grinding noise coming from hard drive, let’s look at each reason.

Reason 1

The buzzing or grinding noise could be due to fan of CPU. Purpose of fan is to cool down the heating system and prevent over heated destruction. There are system which designed to run all the fans at once and at the maximum speed initially. This is to check if all fans are working and removing the accumulated dust properly. The speed of one fan is not enough to remove all the dust therefor we need multiple fans to work at once. If there is something such jam jam the normal functioning of these fans in PC. It could be their blade hitting each other as they do not spin at an even pace. Therefor resulting in grinding noise. If this is the reason you can detect it easily. Just to open your computer and check it’s blades of the fans, weather or not they hit each other in the running mode.   

Reason 2

Secondly it could be the grinding noise from your hard disk. This indicates something wrong and you should be worried about it. The grinding noise from hard disk is indication of hard drive failure in the future. This tells that parts inside the hard drive have some error.

Effects of hard disk drive failure  

If the hard disk drive of your system stops functioning all the data present in hard drive may lost or can not be accessed in fact it is a big problem. If you don’t want to lose your important documents and data then you must check the grinding noise problem and try to solve it, but if you will ignore it then your hard drive will fail to work anymore. Even if your hard disk drive is unable to function you should take compulsory steps for data recovery.

Steps towards hard drive recovery

  • Backup and restore 

Save and restore all of your important data present in hard drive when you hear grinding noise from it. You can save your data on remove able media storage. This will help if you lost your data and it become inaccessible.

  • Use hard drive recovery software

By using trusted and approved software for hard drive recovery you can get all your important data. This kind of method can be used to recover following type of data 

  • Inaccessible data backup from external remove able device
  • Corrupted data
  • Data infected by virus
  • Deleted data
  • Go for hard drive recovery service

If you’re unable to recover data then you can avail professional hard disk recovery service from a well known service provider around you. You should choose one that must guarantee that you will get back all lose data.

Salvage data recovery is the professional data recovery service provider ever. We offer many types of recovery services like HDD recovery, Raid recovery, Server recovery, SSD recovery etc.

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