What to consider when you’re going to write an opinion article


Writing opinion articles shows knowledge, skills, and experience in a particular field, and is a great complement to other forms of interaction with journalists, such as press releases, interviews, or participation in special notebooks. In addition, all media have a space dedicated to this type of writing and want quality and high-value content for their readers. This type of content has been proven to be able to increase traffic in significant numbers and in many cases, in a relatively short period of time.

In fact, opinion articles have additional credibility, because they are based on sharing good practices, views and analysis on a particular subject, without commercial nature. However, you must comply with several rules / guidelines for writing effective review articles:

Choose an interesting theme and title. There is always time and space for an interesting theme and the first impression is in the title. Use creativity and get attention, first for journalists (to publish articles) and second for readers (this is where the article was written and you really have to be tempted to read it). Note that the article must be related to the current topics and trends that are of interest to the target. Leave your imagination free because if you limit it, you cannot reach the full target.

Determine your argument. As the name implies, the text must contain structured opinion. If you are not enthusiastic about the topic or don’t master it, you should choose another. Don’t waste your time on topics that can’t even excite you.

Support your opinion. Strong pieces of opinion are built on true and real facts, important figures, that is data that supports your argument and not just your point of view. Correct your opinion if you find some mistakes. You can use quotes from subject matter experts and independent reports / studies to base your arguments.

Don’t reference your business. Opinion articles must not refer to the manufacturer in order not to create commercial texts. By subscribing to articles as a contributor to company X, and writing about a particular topic, you spread good business practices indirectly, subtly and credibly.

Short and concise. Each medium is different, but most request opinion articles of up to 3,500 characters (including spaces). Use short sentences and paragraphs. Express your opinion in a practical, clear and concise way.

Customize your language with the reader. Avoid using passive sounds and technical jargon. Readers want to be informed about certain topics and not be flooded by a sea of doubt. If you are not familiar with certain jargons, dealing with specialists on the custom paper writing help area. It can be very helpful on the start of writing career.

End by confirming the main idea. Return to the original idea and complete the article that proves the same idea.

In conclusion, writing opinion articles that make the reader more knowledgeable (never commercial and promotional) demonstrates the expertise of the writer (and indirectly the company where he works for and subscribes to the article). It also reflects the image of value and credibility for the target, won their trust and increased interest in the company.

For example, if you work for an Information Technology company that focuses on Business Intelligence, you will not discuss your offer and the company itself, but about best practices, interesting facts, answers to key questions and all target concerns in this area. By expressing your expertise, you demonstrate the ability to apply what you express and maintain. Hopefully by reading this article you can get some useful inspiration for your next articles.

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