What to Look For in a Good Cat Food


When it comes to companionship, nothing beats having a pet. Having a cat at home can be great because these furry little companions can make our lives so much better. The bond you have with your pet cat is very special, and undoubtedly, you want it to last for as long as possible.

One way to do this is to ensure that your furry friend gets the right nutrition in its food. Finding the right type of cat food can be a little tricky, but it’s possible with a little effort and research. Read on to learn more about what you should look for in cat food that is healthy and nutritious for your furry companion.  A healthy cat is a fun cat and can enjoy options like this molly and friends cat tree

Canned Food or Kibble?

The choice of canned food or kibble depends on the situation, but it will be best for your pet to have both because of the variety. Consider your feline companion’s age because kittens can’t eat specific foods, whether it’s dry or canned. Purchasing food appropriate for their age is healthier because it’s specially formulated to give them everything their little body needs to grow.

If they’re adults, then get canned and dry to prevent any boredom. Your pet may grow tired of eating the same food every day, which can be detrimental to their health if they decide not to eat. Having a mix of both is also good as it gives them the right balance of nutrients, avoiding too much of a particular ingredient, vitamin, or mineral.

The Choice That Suits Their Health Condition

Your choice of cat food may depend on your pet’s health condition. Nutrition and diet will impact their health, having them develop certain conditions that require special care. If your furry friend has diabetes, special food their insulin levels can deal with and digest will be essential. Urinary infection and kidney disease are common health problems in pets, and you must get the right food for them. Several pet owners and vets advise people to get non-prescription cat foods for kidney disease to ease their pain and minimize infection or increased urination. Prescription diets aren’t always the best option because of the high levels of corn, plant-proteins, and wheat. Consider the non-prescribed options if it has better nutritional value for your furry friend. If your pet is obese and this is causing heart problems, then specific diet food to help them shed some weight will be best for them.

Decipher Labels

Pet owners must learn how to decipher labels to ensure that the brand they’re purchasing has healthy ingredients. Always read and scan the label’s first ingredients to ensure that it has named protein sources. Try to avoid labels that have only “meat” listed because it’s safer to go for labels with “beef, turkey, chicken, or lamb” as the specific protein source. You must check the expiration date to ensure that you’re getting fresh food.

Decipher Labels  

An important part that must be mentioned on the label is the compliance with the feed control associations and FDA for pet food. Brands that meet the health requirement are a good sign of safety for your cat. Also, grain-free on the label doesn’t mean that it’s carb-free. Avoid food with any traces of carbs because felines have no biological need for it, and it causes digestive problems.

Crucial Things to Avoid

Familiarizing yourself with ingredients to avoid will help keep your companion safe and healthy. Avoid certain fillers like cornmeal or excess grain because cats are carnivores, and they can’t digest vegetarian ingredients and carbs properly. Watch out for chemical preservatives like BHT, propyl gallate, BHA, and ethoxyquin. Some preservatives are safe but instead focus on natural ones that have vitamin C or E. Also, never buy brands with by-products, added sugars, bone meal, or animal digest written on their labels. If the food composition doesn’t meet the established requirements of the AAFCO or the FDA for pet food, you shouldn’t purchase it.

Proper diet and healthy food can minimize any health problems that your cat may develop and play. The right food with the best ingredients will always keep them safe, happy, and healthy. You will save money in the long run because you won’t spend too much money on medication or frequent visits to the vet for a sickly pet. A healthy cat will live longer, and you can enjoy their company a lot longer, too. Familiarize yourself with the feline’s nutritional needs and learn how to read labels to help you decide which brand is best for your furry friend.

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