Working Line German Shepherd Breeds: How Many Are There And The Essential Information Of The Breeds

German shepherds are loved for their gentle yet powerful friendship. Also, they have widespread recognition for being a great companion to protect your family from potential dangers. These dogs have outstanding intelligence and intuition too. They do need proper training to become a member of an active household. However, alongside being a perfect pet, they can contribute to shows and security forces. Here, we have a rundown of a working line German shepherd breeds. Read on to learn the variations of these sentient beings in the working line.

What Does Working Line German Shepherd Breed Mean?

Working line German shepherds are essentially more aggressive in nature and they require a huge degree of attention. As their presence in police and security forces are prominent, the working line German shepherd is being reproduced worldwide.

German Shepherd in this line can be easily trained too. The upbringing is different from the show line German shepherd. Working line German Shepherds go through extreme survival training to increase their endurance power. Doesn’t it sound like military training? That’s exactly what the need to go through.

Different Working Line German Shepherd Breeds

When it comes to a different variation of this canine breeds, we chiefly put down information from the aspect of coats types with their color gradations. Note that, you will see classifications depending on body types too. Considering the body type, there are different stylized German shepherds, and different muscular German shepherds as well.

Now, we want you to set your eyes on muscular German shepherd lines. There are less muscular and more muscular German shepherds. You will see the more muscular and stud German shepherds are in working lines. Let’s have a look at different categories of working line German shepherds with core information.

West German Shepherd Working Lines

This German shepherd breed is most similar to the purebred German shepherd. They were first bred after World war-II. After that, during the cold war, East Germany had run a breeding program. The program is known as Deutsches Demokratishche Republik (DDR) German shepherd dog (GSD) registration. However, DDR doesn’t exist anymore but the DDR GSD exists to this day! Take a look below to learn about the East German shepherd bloodline.


They are the complete opposite of a pet line GSD. To be more specific, the West German shepherd is agile in nature. And, they liked to get engage in intense work. Hence, they are suitable for security and police forces. They are extremely focused when they are working. Also, they have many traits that are similar to a human soldier. Just like a fighter, they have a power of great endurance, courage, and intuition.


As you already know they have a more muscular feature. They are highly praised for being athletic. To specify their body shapes, their head is blocky, and the paws are thicker. And, their coat has red and black colors.

East German Shepherd Working Lines

This breed of the German shepherd is well-known in the work-line for having a remarkable temperament and their work efficiency. They have a balanced temperament. They are mainly employed in working as an enhanced guard and for optimum protection. Also, they are adept at working in a group. Let’s have a look at their other details.


In relation to West shepherd working lines, this bloodline is less intense in nature. Yet, they can ensure you with praiseworthy service. In this regard, they are more like a family pet. As they can have control over their reactions, they are more focused and fast at getting a mission accomplished. For this particular ability, they are extremely intuitive as well.


They are less athletic in comparison to the West German line. Their saddle and coat can be in different shades. You will mainly be able to detect a combination of dark, red, and tan shades on their body.

Czech German Shepherd Working Lines

Theirs is an interesting strong for this bloodline falling under DDR GSD. They are not supposed to fall under DDR. After World War-II, Czechoslovakia shared a border with East Germany and they owned some local dogs. At a point, the dog went through an obscure breeding process. Finally, they made it to DDR. As this bloodline comes from Czech border guards, they are mainly deployed in border protections and patrols. They are the best suit for working around borders as they have inborn capabilities to adopt with the context. They are exceptionally disciplined, also their health is always under supervision. Let’s have a look at their main features.


The history we stated about this breed, you can almost guess that they should have a high level of energy, work-drive. They have equal athletic body features, endurance, and intuition as the West German working line. Also, they are distinctly focused at work and skillful at protecting an area thoroughly.


They share the same appearance as the West German working line breed. They have a wide chest, thick paws, and a box-shaped head. The muscles are thick and contain less fat on their body.

Are Working Line German Shepherds Good Pets?

We have mentioned in a preceding section, working German shepherds are easily trainable. If you train them to be home buddy then will they will live with you like that. But, they do need extra attention in terms of training and high maintenance cost too.

To Warp-up

It goes without mentioning, dogs are the greatest companions. Also, they are born to keep an eye on their surroundings. Most importantly, they have a sense of responsibility. As a result, the dog breeds we talked about are engaged in serious jobs.