What You Need to Know Before Visiting the Sea of Stars in The Maldives


Legend has it that there is a glowing see hidden on a remote island sitting in the Maldives. This island is said to be home to 500 residents, and it is on this island that the ‘Sea of Stars’ is said to appear during one season in the year. Perhaps you have seen pictures, and you’re thinking that it’s too good to be true.

They say that staring at this ocean at night is so surreal, and you’ll find yourself staring at a sky full of stars and water full of stars like they are one and the same.

Well, it is very much true! Let us tell you about this sea that has illuminated waves lapping at the shores that seem to get their brilliant blue lies from within, which becomes even brighter as night comes.

Vaadhoo Island and the Glowing Sea

Vaadhoo Island sits on the Indian Ocean and carries this glowing beach that has been long talked about. Many people have wondered how the Vaadhoo beach glows and how this unnatural luminescence happens, and it is a little difficult to express, but we will explain it.

The process behind the glittering of the glowing sea is called bioluminescence. The sea also houses microorganisms which are a type of phytoplankton called a dinoflagellate, and they are responsible for the glow you see in the water.

The dinoflagellates undergo a chemical reaction whenever they are exposed to any form of stress, and this reaction brings about the glow. The stress the dinoflagellates face could be caused by threats from predators or the constant motion within the water. The more stress, the brighter the glow.

So, the blue light you see and admire is the defense mechanism of the dinoflagellates and their presence in the ocean.

When Can you see the glowing sea of stars?

The glowing sea is a rarity that only happens in late summer in the Maldives. That is when the dinoflagellates in Vaadhoo Island’s water are actively glowing.

However, bear in mind that some factors can affect the appearance of the glowing sea, including the climate, the growth of the phytoplankton which is often affected by the weather, as well as temperature and conditions of the water, including its pH levels.

So, to see the Sea of Stars, you need to closely monitor the conditions of the Island, follow weather reports, and then plan a trip in line with that. Still, there is no 100% guarantee that you’ll be blessed with a beautiful sight, but you can hope and try.

Can You Swim in the Sea?

Yes, you can. And it is safe to do so. You don’t have to worry about the microorganisms because they pose no threat to you.

Swimming at night is even more enjoyable because as you make motions while swimming, the dinoflagellates glow brighter. You can better appreciate the glowing water in the dark.

If you go snorkeling, you can be present in the glowing waters under the surface and live in the beauty surrounding you.

As you can see, Maldives is not famous for the best beaches in the world for nothing.


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