What You Should Consider When Choosing Long Silver Earrings


Wearing long silver earrings have a very beneficial function in every woman’s life.

Earrings have an acupuncture-effect on the body. In ancient China, earrings were developed for health purposes. It was believed that ear piercing and earrings wearing was a remedy and treatment for menstrual problems. Earrings were used to control menstruation and to enhance fertility.

They also prevented miscarriage and aided safe childbirth. Women wore long silver earrings to boost their sexual energy and to entice men in their lives. Whether these allegations are true or not, wearing earrings brings out that womanhood sense of beauty and style.

The silver earrings are placed in a pierced acupoint for stimulation. Silver enhances blood circulation and helps you fight infections. Long silver earrings are stylish and will bring out the elegant beauty you always yearn to have. When buying that pair of long silver earrings, it is essential to consider the following facts.

1. The Type of Ear

Jensen long silver earrings come in different designs to fit various types of ears. One thing that you should think of when buying earrings is the size of your ears. Women who believe that their ears are too large wear big earrings.

The Big long silver earrings distract the focus from the large ear to the earring itself. Naturally, the earlobe gets more prominent as you grow older. To bring out that youthful look in, you consider putting on long silver earrings. Did you know that in the Dayak tribes of Borneo, having long earlobes is a standard of beauty? If you want to learn more about this, read our article, Why Do the Dayak Tribes of Borneo Practice Ear Stretching as a Standard of Beauty?

2. Your Facial Symmetry

The long silver earrings contribute to the impression of facial symmetry by drawing attention to the cheekbones. As you grow older, your jawline becomes less defined. The long silver earrings draw attention to your jaw, making you look young and elegant.

3. Your Hair Type

You are choosing the perfect accessory to compliments your overall look. Your overall look is essential because it gives the confidence that you need to face the world. Long silver earrings, when perfectly worn, draw attention to your face and hair. When choosing your earrings, consider the length of your hair. Short hair will allow you to every size and style of earrings effortlessly.

If you have long hair, consider putting on more extensive and more long earrings. The long silver earrings will give you a better chance of pecking out through your flowing locks. The beauty of silver long earrings as that they complement any hair color.

4. The Type of Your Outfit

You do not want to go wrong when combining your earrings with your outfit. The long silver earrings are a perfect match for any business. The earrings make a spectacular combination with any color, thus offloads the worries of color crushing.

The long silver earrings can also be worn with casual wear or office wear and still lock. The beauty of the silver earrings is that they never grow out of fashion and so they can be worn over the years.

5. You Age

Women of all ages can wear long silver earrings. Whether you celebrated your fifteenth or eightieth birthday, the silver earrings will fit perfectly in you. The long silver earrings highlight the youthful beauty in you, making you stand out among your peers.

The dangling silver earrings make you appear young. They rekindle your youthful memories, thus awakens the hidden energy in you. The long silver earrings are beautiful to behold. The earrings bring out the grace, the beauty, and the elegant look within a woman.

The long silver earrings make the look of a woman divine and tender. They also enhance her beauty and feminine look. Any woman who cherishes her womanhood wears long silver earrings. A pair of earrings is an essential accessory that should not miss in a woman’s closet.

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