Which Areas in Ottawa Are Good for Buying Your Home?

Ottawa has earned a good reputation for being a peaceful, reserved, and family-oriented city. In this area, you will find that people are more interested in sports than nightlife. And one impressive thing is that Ottawa’s crime rate is low if you compare it with other Canadian cities.

You must not forget that Ottawa also happens to be one of the most affordable large cities. It has prices in the market that home buyers in Toronto and Vancouver could imagine. You should check out the impressive options in new homes for sale in Ottawa, and you surely would get the perfect one.

A Rich Variety in Neighbourhood

There is a considerable number of Ottawa neighbourhoods, and each offers something distinct. In case you are looking to move to Ottawa and are not acquainted with the area, you should familiarise with some of the neighbourhood for sure.

Kanata North

It is a wonderful area in Ottawa, and it is well-known for its successful and expanding high tech sector. You can find extraordinary talent that works here.

And it will help if you do not skip that this Kanata is a center for people interested in cheering on or taking part in sports. If you are a family into recreational activities, then Kanata will not disappoint you in any sense.

Start your home hunting here as this region can offer you a myriad of housing options like condos, bungalows, and luxury homes.


Suppose you plan to buy a home in Barrhaven, it will cater to you as a sound investment in an expanding community having various facilities for families, seniors, and even young professionals.

The point is, if you are searching for a family-oriented suburb that has lots of choices for recreation, this area might be an apt one for you. It is a good region for youngsters and older people checking out new homes for sale in Ottawa.

West Carleton-March

Here, in a short distance of the country’s capital, you can enjoy the dream of owning a huge house having a myriad of space around you. And a big plus is that the area has the lowest crime rate in the region of Ottawa.

If you plan to get a home here, you can expect to pay nearly $500,000 to $700,000 for a normal house.


Recently, this place has truly changed into a trendy and popular spot in Ottawa. It has a fantastic location, and it is only 10 minutes west of downtown. It is primarily for families who might also be considering homes that are quite affordable.

It is situated between Wellington West and Westboro. Hintonburg has emerged as a hub for emerging trends in art, food, fashion, and fun.

If you are still not convinced, then remember that even a  study has cleared it that Ottawa is one of Canada’s best regions to live in. You can get the new homes for sale in Ottawa that fit your budget and fulfill your needs.

Hence, whether you are a new citizen in Canada or wish to buy a new home in the country, you must invest in Ottawa.