Why An English Breakfast Is The Perfect Way To Start The Day

For many people in the United Kingdom, there is only one way to start any day, and that begins with an English breakfast. Nothing comes close to the satisfaction that you can get from making it, or eating one.

Many of the biggest cities in the UK, such as Birmingham now have an abundance of options for people looking for this meal, which means there is no longer a need to cook it should you have a craving for the food.

The discussion over the best part of the meal is timeless. There is just so much to like about it. Some lovers prefer the sausage, while others would prefer the hash browns. There is also contention surrounding black pudding, as some people love it, while others hate it. But, either way, an English breakfast is the best way to start any morning.


The concept of the English breakfast as a national dish dates back from the 13th century. According to the English Breakfast Society, the first time that natives enjoyed an all English was during the Anglo-Saxon generation. They would cook this meal as a show of their great hospitality, and they would cook the big breakfast for friends, relatives and neighbours.


It has changed a lot since these days, and those meals in the Anglo-Saxon generation would be very different from what you could expect to have these days. It wasn’t until the Victorian era, where bacon and eggs were introduced. Soon after this, breakfast team and toast became more regular for breakfast as a way to provide workers with energy and a full stomach, which was needed for them to get through the days of gruelling manual labour. Nowadays, all these elements are combined.

You Can Be Creative

The basics in the meal remain the same no matter what. There will always be bacon, sausages and egg, but you can vary on what you want on the meal. This will change from place to place across the major UK cities, with some preferring greasy fry-ups, while some may be more hearty. There are also numerous vegan options available these days if you want to eat out. This is also the same should you make it at home, as you can swap the beans for spaghetti hoops and white toast for brown or French toast.

Black Pudding

There aren’t many occasions that you would be able to include a black pudding in your meal, but with an English breakfast, you can. Of course, black pudding itself is a contentious issue as some people love it, while others will hate it. However, there is a massive gulf between good black pudding and a bad one, and that could sometimes make or break the breakfast that you are enjoying. Regardless, black pudding remains a much-loved part of the breakfast, and it would be impossible to imagine the English breakfast without it.