Why Choose A Serviced Apartment While Planning To Shift

Are you planning to move out from your current house to a new place? In that case, it is better to select a serviced apartment while planning to shift. There are plenty of reasons to justify why the serviced apartment is much better than any other kind of residence.

The serviced apartments are generally accessible even if you want to stay for short periods or longer durations. They are affordable compared to any other housing. Besides that, they do offer various other services. Here we will have a look at some of the primary reasons, which will explain why it is better to select a serviced apartment while planning to shift.

Spacious Home

One of the best advantages of choosing serviced apartments over other housing while planning to shift is the convenience of extra space. For example, even if you want a one-person apartment, you can choose a luxurious studio apartment that comes with extra space. Similar to tht, there are spacious single-bedroom apartments, a double bedroom, a triple bedroom, and even duplex serviced apartments.

Almost all the serviced apartments are typically extra spacious compared to a regular hotel room, so you do not have to be worried about living in a small area. Hence, even if guests come to visit your place, there will be enough space for them.

Adequate Housing For All

Whether it is for travel accommodation, temporary home, or business trip residence, serviced apartments always have sufficient housing options to fit all visitors. If you are a solo traveler and meet your friends in another location, they can visit you in your serviced apartment housing.

If you are traveling as a couple on vacation, there is only a minor possibility of fumbling over luggage and shopping. While traveling with your big family, you no longer have to book separate compartments to accommodate your kids, grandparents, cousins, and others. It is because all of you can stay in a large serviced apartment.

Great Value For Money

Here comes another huge benefit of choosing serviced apartments when you have plans of shifting, which is affordability. Like we said previously, serviced apartments are available at a much cheaper price than homes, cottages, hotel rooms, and other kinds of residences.

In addition to that, you will get extra services if you stay in the serviced apartment without any hidden or additional costs. Besides that, it is a more cost-effective method in case you have plans of staying there for a long time.

Electric Equipment Safety

Several high-end serviced apartments have switchgear models which are safety electric equipment. Hence, all the circuit breakers, fuses, disconnect switches, and other electrical equipment can be managed and protected in an isolated area.

In general, the modern circuit breakers are placed inside the serviced apartment, but sometimes they are kept on the apartment’s exterior or top of the slab. However, as serviced apartments are available in various sizes and models, they have different circuit breaker design, switchgear locations, several types of electric wiring, and more.

Secured Personalised Services

The staff in serviced apartments are experts with experience, and every lodging will have an attached trained servant to understand your priorities. These apartment services are relatively committed to satisfying customer requirements. For example, they provide an excellent bed sheet that matches your preferences from their stock of bed sheets.

In addition to that, these apartments will give special and personalized food based on the dietary needs of the customer. If you want to visit the regional insights, you can even get a customized tour.

Great Peace Of Mind

Serviced apartments maintain stricter hygiene protocols than any other housing type. Besides that, safe and sterile surroundings are the leading aspects many travelers look for in their residence. Almost all serviced apartments have authorized sanitized rooms, safe distancing, and allows room reservation expansion.

All the equipment in the serviced apartment and surroundings are disinfected, and the staff cleans them on a regular basis. They also have 24/7 security and an all-hour reception desk to give access to your room for only invited guests. Besides that, all the staff and security are instructed to stay on alert and take necessary actions whenever needed.

Loaded With Furniture, Amenities, And Facilities

The serviced apartments are full of amenities and facilities. For example, you will get essential things, such as toiletries, coffee makers, and sometimes yoga mats as well. The rooms are equipped with furniture, so you will get a comfortable bed, sofa set, tables, and more. Another benefit of these apartments is they have every type of kitchenware, so you can cook for yourself if you want.

Besides that, they have other amenities such as a swimming pool, spa, sauna, fitness center, or gym. Some high-end apartments contain luxurious services like massage chairs, a golf ground, a personal fitness trainer, an indoor ski slope, and many more.

Cleaning Staff

Every apartment will have dedicated maids and designers to clean the room on a daily basis and make sure that the space is well maintained. In addition to that, they will also check the light bulb and adjust the air-conditioner whenever it is necessary.

They have laundry services as well. However, if you want to do the laundry by yourself, you can use the self-service machines. Plus, there is a cloth washer or dryer in every apartment. Hence, starting from cleaning the floor to tidying up your bed, everything will be done by staff.

Children And Pet Friendly

If you are a frequent traveler, you might have known that some residences would not allow pets. However, if you plan to stay in serviced apartments, you no longer have to worry about it because they are pet-friendly. Besides that, these apartments have facilities for children, such as outdoor playgrounds, separate playrooms, babysitting services, and many more.

Bottom Line

At last, you might now know why it is better to select a serviced apartment when you have plans of shifting. Hence, make sure to get into a serviced apartment to enjoy a plethora of benefits at a reasonable price for both short-term and long-term stays.