Why Cut Down Trees?


A tree is often the eye-catcher of your yard. It immediately catches the eye, provides shade on sunny days, and is a breeding ground for many birds and other animals. Yet in some cases, the tree in the garden is an eyesore.

It becomes too big for your yard, deprives young plants or lawn of sunlight, or poses a danger due to loose or broken branches. Cutting down the tree is often the only option.

Unfortunately, cutting down trees is not always that simple. In some cases, the tree is difficult to reach or it is not possible to drop the tree. Nevertheless, professional fellers, or a quality tree doctor Salt Lake City can provide, have a solution for every tree, without affecting the environment too much.

Are there trees in your yard that need to be cut? Then, you need to reach out to a company that specializes in tree trimming and removal in Irvine, CA.

What are the benefits of cutting down trees?

Trying to save a tree can have a negative effect both on people and on the environment. Hence, getting rid of trees, if managed well, has many advantages.

For the use of wood

One of the advantages of cutting down trees is the supply of wood for our needs; whether it is for large needs such as the construction of wooden houses or lesser needs such as furniture.

For a change in the aesthetic look of your yard

We all love change. The yard also needs to be changed now and then. A new terrace, a new shed, or a beautiful roof. The tree you once planted years ago suddenly can turn out to be an obstacle in this case. Although it is still healthy, poses no danger, and fits well in the garden, you can cut the tree to give room for changing the look of your yard to meet your desire.

Note that in some cases, it is also possible to move the tree to another part of the garden. Moving trees is possible, but you should have it done by a specialized tree care company.

To maintain the health and vigor of trees

Tree insects and diseases are minimized when trees are well managed and maintained. This means not saving the tree when it is already decomposing due to the activity of insects, aphids, or ants. Cutting trees when this condition occurs can save them.

For tree regeneration

Trees also need light, soil, and water. For this reason, it is sometimes necessary to cut down other trees surrounding a particular tree, to allow sunlight to enhance its growth. They especially need light on the leaves that need to carry out photosynthesis processes, which makes the trees grow healthier and continue their regeneration.

For ecological reasons

Trees can also be the reason why other plants are not growing well. Especially when they create too much shade for other plants or grasses on your lawn. Hence, cutting down the trees will make way for other plants to grow.

For other useful products

Not all trees produce good wood. However, when it is necessary to cut down the trees, there are other purposes that it gives to the human being that is really useful. For example, these trees that are cut down become crafting materials, wooden plugs for mushrooms, maple syrup, and many more.

Thus, the benefits of cutting down trees can also develop hobbies and cottage industries. That, in most cases, can be the source of income for many.

When should trees be cut down?

In principle, felling a tree can be done all year round. However, some periods are better suited than others. For instance, during Winter or early Fall when the tree has dropped its leaves, you have a better view of the tree. There are no leaves in the way and the branches are clearly visible.

Wood rot and fungi also show up better. This can indicate reduced stability of the tree and can be taken into account during felling.

Summer, on the other hand, has the advantage that dead branches are more visible and the condition of the tree can be better controlled. But you have more yard waste because of the leaves and the feller feels hot working in those protective clothing.

Can I cut a tree myself?

Even though felling a tree is not easy, you can do this yourself. People often choose to cut down the tree themselves to save costs. However, this is only possible if the tree is not very big because the bigger the tree, the more dangerous the job.

Also, if there’s no sufficient space around the tree for it to fall freely, this is of course impossible to do yourself.

Furthermore, if you choose to cut the tree yourself, you do need good tools for this. For instance, cutting the tree with a dull saw will make the job a very difficult one. Also, for a tall tree, you will need to climb the tree. By removing the branches around you, you will have to make a sort of ladder and climb higher into the tree.

Call for professional help instead!

Although it is often cheaper to get started yourself, it is a lot wiser to have the trees cut by a specialized tree felling company. These companies have the right materials and knowledge of the different climbing techniques.

Also, tall trees that are difficult to reach or trees that are surrounded by buildings are no problem for them. And because tree professionals like Burbank Tree Pros have fellers who cut trees more often, the job is often done a lot faster than when you start working yourself

How much does it cost to have a tree cut down?

Generally, the national average cost of cutting down a tree is $1200. However, the exact price of this job depends on several factors. The size of the tree is an important factor in determining the price, and the placement of the tree also has an influence. When a tree is easy to reach, not much equipment is required, but the arborist can climb the tree and bring it down from top to bottom.

Furthermore, if the tree specialist has to remove the root of the tree, the job takes a little more time than just cutting down to the trunk of the tree. And of course, this will reflect on the price.

With all this information, a tailor-made offer will be drawn up in advance. This way you know immediately where you stand and you will not be faced with unpleasant financial surprises.

Does it harm a tree to cut off its branches?

Cutting off tree branches does not cause harm to the tree, but once it is overdone it makes the tree stressed.


When you cut down a tree, it is not disastrous if done at the right time and with suitable occurrences. Some trees need to be felled to ensure the peaceful living of people and societal growth.



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