Why families are going camping instead of flying away on vacation


Camping is gaining momentum as an alternative to flying away on an elaborate vacation. Research shows that since 2014, an extra 7 million American families have turned to camp for their holidays. This increased uptake of camping is not a fluke. There are concrete reasons why it is picking up, and could keep gaining momentum in the future. For context, here is why more families and going camping instead of flying away on vacation.

1. Internet-driven awareness

Traditionally, camping has been associated with tented camps in the wilderness. While it is an amazing way to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, not everyone fancies staying in a tent in the middle of nowhere. However, the internet has opened up the world of camping to holidaymakers. More people now know that there are different types of camping you can do, away from the traditional tent in the wilderness. The thrill of trying out new and exciting ideas continues to drive more people to camp, and away from flying away on vacation. 

2. More awareness about climate change

Climate change is a reality and more people are now aware of it. That’s due to the increased incidence of disasters and wider media coverage. More people are also aware that flying is one of the major contributors to greenhouse emissions. This is pushing more people towards environmentally friendly habits, including flying less. For someone who travels all the time for work commitments, it would feel responsible to take up camping as an option, and contribute, in a small way, to saving the planet. As climate issues become more pronounced in the media, camping as an alternative to flying away on vacation will grow exponentially.

3. It is cheaper and more convenient

Flying for vacation is not cheap, especially if you are going to a far-off destination. For families that are looking to save more due to the increased uncertainties in the global economy, such expenses are not an option. Camping offers a cheaper and equally thrilling experience. When you go out camping, you get to enjoy the same thrill of flying away on vacation. For instance, something like canoe camping, where one goes out camping with friends and family, is a worthwhile experience. The best part is that it doesn’t come with the complexities of flying such as too much paperwork. This convenience is drawing more people to camping as a form of leisure.

4. It’s healthy

Just like the internet and media have made more people conscious about the environment, they have also made people more health-conscious. The number of people who understand the need to keep fit has increased over the years, and this reflects in their holiday choices. Instead of flying to a hotel for a holiday, they choose camping because it usually involves exercise in one or the other. For instance, if you are going camping in the mountains, you will have to endure the climb, while carrying your backpack. Similarly, if you are going out on canoe camping, the time you spend rowing the canoe is a form of exercise. 

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