Why farmhouse sinks are the latest in kitchen trends in 2021


Over the years kitchen trends have been evolving with some of the kitchen trends from the past coming back into the market. As different kitchen trends continue with lots of new design trends in the market, many people are slowly embracing the farmhouse sinks in 2021. Farmhouse sinks not only add a charm to your kitchen space, but they are also beautiful and spacious.

Whether you want a copper, Fireclay, stainless steel, or stone farmhouse sink there is one for everyone. Find out more about the traditional Copper Farmhouse Sink among other farmhouse sink designs that will spruce up your farmhouse kitchen décor. Below is why farmhouse sinks are the latest kitchen trends in 2021 and why you should install one.

Made from different materials

Pristine white porcelain is the most common farmhouse sink. But, in case you don’t want to buy porcelain Farmhouse sinks, you can still get those made from other materials. This allows you to pick a sink that blends with your kitchen design and lifestyle. Also, some materials like stainless steel don’t chip like porcelain and therefore, tend to be more durable. You can also buy copper, which has a beautiful color, though you might have to polish it after some time to maintain its shine and luxurious look. Fireclay farmhouse sinks are also a great option.

Two types to choose from

Although farmhouse sinks are generally larger, commonly with a 30-inch width and deeper than other traditional types of sinks, you have two options. You can either select a single farmhouse sink or a double farmhouse sink. You can also select farmhouse sink top mount if you wish when installing a farmhouse sink. It all depends on your desired final kitchen design.

Blend well into a modern kitchen design

Most farmhouse sinks have a common design that blends into a farmhouse-style kitchen. But, you can get more creative and use them in many other kitchen styles. A sleek stainless steel farmhouse sink can accentuate your kitchen’s decor and the overall look of your modern kitchen giving it a polished look. You simply have to find and buy one that matches your home’s aesthetic.

Acts as a focal point

Farmhouse sinks can act as the focal point due to their aesthetics and classic appeal. Their uniqueness adds a certain beauty and elegance to your kitchen. Since the farmhouse sink has a deeper basin than a typical sink it makes washing large pots and pans easier compared to washing them in a traditional sink. The deepened look also reduces splashing, which helps prevent water from reaching the kitchen floor and it limits the mess that can accumulate from water collecting on the counter top after doing the dishes. Because the sinks are closer to the edge of the kitchen counter, this allows you to lean over and clean dishes easier, eliminating or reducing back pain.

Also, the width and depth of a farmhouse sink needs to fit your countertop. If it doesn’t, you will have to adjust it to make room. When installing some farmhouse sinks like those made from heavy porcelain or stone, you also need to ensure that the cabinets below them can handle the weight. You will need to know more about how to use your farmhouse sink and which cooking and dishwashing habits to incorporate when using one to determine if it’s worth investing in.

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