Why Instagram Video Views Are Important If You Want To Promote Your Account?


Ever since Instagram has implemented the opportunity to upload videos on the platform, it gave a strong push to the development of this app as the most popular tool for influence. Video content on Insta can compete with youtube for its virality and impact along with further improvements like:

  • Stories,
  • IGTV,
  • Reels.

Hence when you are focusing on creating videos for your IG, you have to pay attention to this metric. The number of views on Instagram videos is also a powerful factor that has strong pressure on the ranking. Why views are important for your growth on IG and how to get more of them, is explained in this article.

Video Views Keep Your Content In Top

The algorithms of Instagram are constantly monitoring the activity and quantities of views that the content receives, and use this data for formulating trendy and engaging feed, that is targeted to keep users within the platform as long as possible. Hence, constantly gaining more views means your video will be offered as a suggested content to more people. Also, creating engaging videos will make your posts appear more often in the feeds of your followers.

More Views Means Better Reach

This reason for getting more views for your videos is directly connected to the previous – as your video is kept on the Explore page it is visible to a lot of people, who may not be your target audience, but still be interested in your materials.

Vast reach, provided by virality, can help you establish a reputation and become an influencer in the short term. Of course, making yourself visible for a much bigger audience requires more time and resources invested in your blog, but this is the natural way of growth on any platform. You must be ready to produce enough high-quality content that would suffice the demands of your public:

  • Photos,
  • Videos,
  • Live streams,
  • Instagram TV videos, etc.

Improved Engagement

And last but not least. As your audience grows, you receive more engagement for each video you post, of course given that your films present a certain value to users, or entertain them. The more views you see under your new upload, the more engagement you might expect. And you know that knowledge is a weapon when it comes to improving a strategy for social media promotion.

These are the main reasons why you should pay more attention to the view count in your analytics. This metric is an important indicator of your progress, and you should understand how much it weighs in your tactical system. So, the question emerges – how to get more views for your content? Here are collected the most efficient ways for increasing your viewership rates.

Set A Category

Not all users may notice the importance of the words that are located right before your bio, which indicate the category of the account. But in terms of visibility, choosing the right category is incredibly helpful. The details of the algorithms that operate it are unknown, but it can be said for sure that setting it assists in increasing the exposure of the account to the chosen target audience because your content will be considered relevant for them.

Implement Keywords

Recently, Instagram has announced that they are going to introduce the keyword-based search for users, in six English-speaking regions. This means that it is time to get ready for the global introduction of this feature as well. To make your profile, and your content as well, discoverable for your potential followers to gain their views, enrich your captions and bio with the proper keywords, that will be the orientation for the algorithms of search.

Use Location And Hashtag Stickers In Stories

The most engaging format of content on Instagram is Stories. And you can seriously improve your performance and expand your reach with the help of the two stickers that are mentioned above, and make your uploads more discoverable for potential followers. This feature is especially useful for brands who promote their products on Insta, as such stickers make your materials appear before the eyes of local customers.

Upload New Posts Consistently

Being frequent in your posting on Instagram is one of the vital factors that secure the growth of views on the platform. By establishing a certain schedule, you keep up the interest of the existing audience. And this is what you need to attract new viewers to your content. Consistent online presence is required to have stable growth because people easily get used to it, hence, you can plan the engagement boosts and be confident in the success of your new uploads.

Create Valuable Content

Nothing drives more attention than high-quality material. To make your profile more attractive, provide your audience with:

  • something interesting,
  • original,
  • valuable,
  • something that resonates with them, under the limits of your chosen industry.

Such content easily promotes itself, because users are eager to share it with their friends and family, exposing your materials further and further. Truly valuable things will always be appreciated and bring you a reputation as a reliable source. And having such a reputation means a lot for your rapid growth of video views on Instagram.

Utilize Hashtags In Your Posts

Never neglect using hashtags! This is an instrument of huge power when it comes to the need of increasing your visibility on the network. Until the keyword search isn’t implemented globally, hashtags remain the prominent method to find posts that users are interested in. Also, they have the opportunity to follow specific tags, and this fact means that you can expand your reach and views numbers significantly because your posts will appear in the user’s feeds without any additional promotion.

Constantly Analyze Your Progress

To make your growth effective and fast, you should be very attentive to your analytics. All the dynamics of your profile have to be analyzed thoroughly to develop the best tactic for further expansion of Instagram. Compare different kinds of content and improve the ones that have proven effective while eliminating the ones that are less successful. Also, don’t forget your demographics – discover how the audience reacts to various factors ( posting time, formats, and other characteristics of your content).

From time to time, check what your competitors on other social media are doing – some ideas can be interesting to you, as you can try them out on your profile too. But remember – taking inspiration and stealing the idea are very different things.


Views are a vital metric for Instagram, as it shows the progress of your strategy. There are many points where views are applied:

  • IGTV
  • Video posts
  • Stories
  • Reels

These are the main categories to pay attention to. Also, don’t forget that you can discover how much your profile is viewed, and what percent of people have actually started following your blog after viewing. This is an important aspect of your tactical development. Of course, there are many other things that impact your growth, so never focus on one metric only.

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