Why is vaping considered a healthy option?

For decades, the most common form of cannabis consumption has seen users rolling the dried weed into a joint and enjoying its effects while smoking it. Its value, now also recognized from a medical perspective, has given rise to increased efforts around understanding this in-depth and thereby widening its circle of impact. Usefully, this has revealed alternative ways of consuming marijuana, with a renewed focus on safety, maximizing the benefits offered by the hemp plant, and improving the consumption experience.

Vaping and smoking both involve inhaling cannabis into your lungs. The latter is dry smoke, whereas vaping is a wet process of inhaling heated marijuana oil or liquid through a vaporizing device. Its popularity is due to the fluid process, considered less harmful as it reduces respiratory irritation and provides smoother inhalation. Fools rush in, so ease in with low doses.

What Do I Use?

Vapes, weed pens, vape pens, vaporizers, are all devices that enable you to enjoy the herb without the harmful byproducts. These are also very easy to acquire, and many online stores such as DankStop offer a variety of dry herb vaporizers to choose from. Rather than lighting the dry herbs, they are heated below the point of combustion, and the active ingredients are released in the form of vapor. Some are compatible with the dried flowers of the plant, some concentrate, or both. Within 15 minutes of inhalation, it kicks in and you will enjoy it for up to 2 hours.

Your three main vaping device options are table-top, portable, or pens. Conduction and convection also set methods apart and some offer both.

Tabletops remain stationary on a solid surface. Temperature regulation, a heating element and chamber, and an attached mouthpiece are the noteworthy pieces of this puzzle. More expensive and less mobile, this won’t matter depending on your personal preferences.

Portables offer the same as table-tops, except that they are smaller in size and therefore more mobile.

Vape pens are particularly portable and resemble a traditional pen, hence their name.

Many types of vaporizers use conduction heating. Conduction means applying heat directly to your dry herb, which releases the chemical compounds providing experience and effect. In contrast, the convection process, like an oven, heats the air around the weed. These devices are less portable and more expensive than the conduction options. How and where you prefer to enjoy your green blend, will inform your decision.


You reach your hand into the back pocket of your jeans, whip out your vape pen and within seconds, you’re inhaling the vapor of your favorite blend. Could it be any easier! Comparatively, rolling a joint and using a bong means that your inhalation and experience are delayed, as the set-up takes longer.

Less Harmful

Research provides clear evidence that vaporization is safer than combustion. You are not burning the herb; you are merely heating it and this results in significantly smaller quantities of hazardous substances. Easier on the user’s lungs, it is also less harmful to those enjoying your company at the time of consumption.

More Flavor

Terpenes are chemical compounds responsible for the way plants smell. Burning the herb inhibits the release of its flavor. A dry herb vaporizer beautifully enables a full bouquet. Its smoke is thicker and more visible, giving the flavor a better chance of hitting its mark.


CBD and THC are the 2 most prominent chemical compounds derived from the hemp plant. Whether you eat, drink, inhale, swallow in capsule form, or apply it on your skin, CBD users have experienced a reduction in pain related to medical ailments. Similarly, the severity and frequency of seizures declined for some sufferers. Other documented medical benefits are readily available online. THC deals the user a different hand. Its make-up assures you of the high traditionally associated with the dopehead, but which increasingly is recognized for its support in increasing productivity on a single-pointed focus.

Don’t overlook vaping as an arguably healthier and cleaner method of benefiting from the healing properties of cannabis. Vaping enables improved dosage control and its effects are more gradual than other consumption counterparts. Less overt too, as there is no lingering smell, you will no longer need to worry about a whining neighbor, who doesn’t share your penchant for this herb. As always, don’t make your decisions on the word of others alone. Do your homework, so that you don’t destroy your green in the wrong device, wrecking your careful chance to derive its benefits.