Why New Mothers Should Get Home Treadmills


Nothing beats the joy of holding your newborn in your arms after its birth for a mother. However, with this abundance and love and joy comes negative feelings of insecurities and self-image problems for a mother. Gaining weight during pregnancy is normal and as a mother, you cannot wait to lose the extra pounds. A few privileged mothers might be able to hit the gym every day but the majority of us do not have that privilege. You may not want to leave your infant child with a babysitter or you may not have the liberty to hire one so early on, that too on an everyday basis as we understand that baby expenses are already very heavy on the pocket.

So what can I do? I want to lose the extra pounds and keep my baby close, you may think. The easiest solution for this problem is, get a home treadmill!

How Expensive Are Home Treadmills?

As a new parent, you are already drowned under hefty bills that you are not used to. So you have to be careful about expenses and your extra expenditures. Is a treadmill really worth it in a time like this? The answer is, yes! Usually, good treadmills cost from $2,500 to $15,000 depending on the model, brand, and functionality. If you are interested in getting a high-quality treadmill at a suitable price, you should know about home treadmills sale at Utah Home Fitness. The quality of the products speaks for itself. Additionally, you will get a warranty card as well. Trust me, a home treadmill will prove to be very useful in the future as well.

Exactly How Beneficial Is It To Get A Home Treadmill For Weight Loss?

Scientists have proven that 300 minutes or five hours on a treadmill per week ensures plenty of weight loss. Initially, you will automatically lose 9 pounds in the first week of your baby’s birth. After that, there will be stubborn body fat that is not easy to get rid of. You can lose 10 pounds a month on a home treadmill.

1. Stay Close To Your Baby

The best benefit of a home treadmill is staying close to your baby. You lose weight while taking care of your baby to your own standards!

2. Ease Of Access

Baby asleep? Time to get on the treadmill in your house. An accessible treadmill is beneficial as you can use it at any time, whenever you want.

3. Saves time

As a new mother, you will barely gave any time so you will want to save as much time as you can. A home treadmills save the time you will spend on getting ready and going to the gym.

4. Ensures Safet

Going for a run in parks and or in the street is great but there can be several accidents. The uneven ground can make your wobbly ankles from childbirth and pregnancy period unsteady.

5. Go For A Run Or A Jog Even When The Weather Conditions Are Harsh

The best benefit of a home treadmill is you don’t have to skip your run even when it is unbearably hot outside!



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