Why Should Instagram Be Your Primary Marketing Platform?


The digital world is rapid evolution, new ideas are popping up, and the old is fading out. There are many social platforms at your disposal for brand promotion. You can choose one or multiple for the campaign of your product. Social media is expanding fast, with an extensive, broad customer base of 3.5 million users. More entrepreneurs are willing to take advantage of social media to reach the targeted audience. What makes social media more alluring to marketers is colossal social media platforms like; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

But it comes to online advertising, Instagram is preferred over the peers. Once you post an ad on Instagram, it has the potential to reach 800million active users. Out of 800 million users, 80% follow at least one business account, the market is enormous, and the possibility is endless.2 million advertisements are posted every month on Instagram. 60% of Instagram users access their accounts daily. Aside from these, there is also a method now to view private Instagram for security purposes. These data are an eye-opener for many market gurus to tap the potential of it. Reaching many such people from a single point is alluring, lucrative, and profitable to many brands.


Over the hashtags, a viewer can find similar content under one umbrella. This flair glues similar types of ads, which facilitates navigation for consumers. The user interface of brands is unique, which no other social media offers. The interaction between brands and consumers is more informal, friendlier. The barrier between the advertiser and consumer is broken, and the bond becomes more stable and established. Because of these innovations, the visual space is becoming more crowded, and every advertiser wants a niche of it. You must formulate a strategy with an Instagram video editor to promote Instagram ads to reach and impact the target audience.


Ramp up your Instagram published content. You would not know which content works best on the audience until you do some experiments. Build up your content publication, and frequently post until you find the right accord. Publishing at least once a day is the norm of Instagram; some expert marketers publish three or more times a day. The more you roll outposts, the more engagement you earn – you can even kickstart engagement and buy instagram likes for some of your posts. But you must post at an appropriate time to clutch full attention. Knowing the right time to post on social media gives you an extra step over your rivals. You must continuously refine your content with this Instagram video editor and prepare tactics to maximize opportunities to earn engagements. You can use social media algorithms to help you to chalk out the plan.

Whether you want to capitalize peak hours to earn more engagements or use quiet hours to make your posts is your choice. The crux is that Instagram moves much quicker in terms of content, and then it moved a year ago. The endeavors to create a perfect caption or artistic snapshot should not waste. Cross-posting your content on other social platforms gives sound footage and gives you more ROI. You can publish the Instagram content on Facebook or Twitter to gain extra mileage.


VideoCreek has developed various templates and tools to make your Instagram publications more scintillating and appealing. You can upload videos on Instagram in many formats. You may have to shoot videos and transfer them into these formats, which is pretty time-consuming. These instant templates come in handy when you want to upload a high-quality short video on Instagram. There are many kinds of templates available, choose the fitting one, and start editing. This feature saves time, as professionals make numerous videos and have little time to edit every video from scratch. The templates come in a wide variety of formats and types. Most of the time, you will find a template that perfectly bends with the content.

Talk with them

Social media advertisement is not about preaching sales figures to consumers; it is a tool to interact and engage with customers as much as possible. You worked hard to build the audience and show your genuine appreciation for being with you for walking by your side on hard times. Do not be meager to show your gratitude to them for posting great content. It shows you are attentive to them; listening to them is a two-way venue; to build a lasting understanding relationship. When you prove, you are listening to your audience, reading their feedback builds trust and faith, boosting your brand equity.

Encourage your audience to display your product they are wearing or using. You can use these images in online stores to show love and admiration to your customers. When potential buyers see they are admiring your product, they want to own one. Do not hesitate to post a buyer’s image with credit. Regramming exhibits you are an attentive listener and not afraid to show your admiration to buyers.

Create artistic visuals and keep it refreshing

Creating artistic, creative content is crucial for social marketing. The posts must be engaging, encouraging for a revisit. Instagram is primarily a visual platform; it starts and ends with images. The whole idea is to promote sharing of pictures.93% of buying decisions are made on visual appearance, so good shot counts. Underline the photo with a theme. It would be best if you infused an element beyond the product details. Infuse a theme or tone which matches the product, gives it an x-factor.

Change the style and subject to keep the posts refreshing; the viewer must not get bored with repetitive themes and style. The same style and pattern will not attract new ones. Conduct a quick poll, encourage your followers to vote by either using like or comment. It is a simple process that increases engagement with customers. You can provide another alternative like “A” or “B” in the comment section. Infuse some humor elements in the post, make it enjoyable. Give the followers a breathing space, freedom to do what they want. If you’re going to make them buy your product, make it clear and accessible.


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