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Jamaica is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, and once you visit here, it will be easy to recognize why it is one of the most popular destinations to visit. People of all ages will enjoy a vacation in Jamaica, thanks to its incredibly friendly people and a wide range of fun activities such as atv tours in Jamaica. Below I have outlined exactly why you need to add Jamaica to that bucket list of yours.


Jamaica has a wonderful tropical climate, and you can visit the beach at any time of the year. With an average temperature of 81°F/21° C, tourists can enjoy the amazing beaches 365 days a year.


As the saying goes “When in Rome”, this has to be applied when tasting Jamaican cuisine. The Jamaicans are big foodies, and they certainly know how to create amazing dishes. The most famous dish is jerk chicken, and I am yet to meet someone who has not fallen in love with it once they have tasted it. Jamaica patties are another must-have. This Pattie is a flaky pastry filled with highly seasoned beef filling. Enjoy it with a cold Red Stripe beer, and you will be truly living the Jamaican lifestyle.




Jamaica has a wide range of fun and interesting activities for all ages. On the island, there are several golf courses set in the most amazing locations. The Tryall Club features a challenging yet enjoyable golf course and is not overlong. From the golf course you can enjoy amazing ocean views, and there are also some parts of history built into the course, including an aqueduct on the 7th hole. If you are an avid golfer, then I suggest playing White Witch Golf Course, Cinnamon Hill and Half Moon as these are all stunning and offer different challenges.  You can also enjoy activities like a Dune Buggy ride Jamaica.


Bob Marley

When you hear Jamaica, you will always think about Bob Marley! The Bob Marley Museum is located in Kingston and well worth a visit. The museum has its location on the site of the legendary musician’s home, which he purchased in 1975. The property also features a well-equipped 80-seat theatre, a photographic gallery, a record shop and a gift shop filled with a wide array of Bob Marley memorabilia.


There are several fantastic Rum tours in Jamaica which are enjoyed very much by tourists. Even if Rum is not your drink, it is still a very enjoyable tour. I can highly recommend The Appleton Estate Rum tour. This exciting tour takes you to the Appleton Rum Estate, one of the major sugar and rum producing factories in Jamaica. This tour will give you an overview of the entire sugar cane plantation, sugar factory and rum distillery. It is a very enjoyable tour where you will enjoy a 2-hour scenic ride through the hills and countryside through rural communities.


As mentioned earlier, Bob Marley is synonymous with Jamaica. Most would say that he brought reggae music to the world and some locals regard him as their hero! Jamaicans speak very proudly of Bob Marley and love to tell tourists about him and his music. Reggae music represents love, freedom and the oneness of humanity. You can’t help but relax and smile when you hear reggae music playing and the best time to enjoy it is with a local beer in your hand.


The People

Working with Exceptional Villas in Jamaica, I have been very fortunate to visit Jamaica several times. When I leave, the biggest impression on me is always left by the people. They are truly kind people who take great satisfaction in looking after tourist who visit their beautiful island. They are also extremely proud of Jamaica and always love to sit down and tell you different stories about their past. The great plus about staying in a villa in Jamaica is that is will be fully staffed. So not only are you staying in an amazing villa overlooking the glorious ocean or part of a world-class resort, you know you will have the best people looking after you. When visiting Jamaica, I would highly recommend having your driver. It is not the easiest island to drive on it is best to have your own driver, but the best thing about this is, not only do you have someone to bring you from your villa to wherever you want to go, you also have your tour guide. The drivers love telling stories about different places along the road, and you will learn so much from them about the area you are staying in and Jamaica in general. It is no surprise that tourists keep on returning to Jamaica and even to the same villa and they feel they have made new family!

The People

These are just some of my tips on why you should visit Jamaica. It is a stunning island with amazing weather, people, food and music…what more could you need!


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