Why You Should Visit Jordan in 2021


Jordan is a land rich in history. It has hosted some of humanity’s earliest settlements and villages; which houses hidden relics of the great civilizations of the world. You can get the Royal Jordan Ticket Booking online.

Glorious ancient architecture, desert adventures, deep-sea diving, local homestays, delicious Jordanian cuisine, spectacular holy sites, the Red Sea and the Dead Sea are just some of the reasons to visit Jordan.

Why choose Jordan?

If you are thinking about what could be the right destination for your next vacation, Jordan could definitely be the reality on which to drop your choice.

The reasons are different and the first is undoubtedly the political stability and social peace that reigns in this important country in the Middle East, a shining example of how different religions, cultures and customs can coexist.

Another reason that should push you to choose Jordan for your next vacation is obviously the great variety of very interesting places it can offer. Those who visit Jordan then do everything to be able to return at least a second time, a sign of how this Middle Eastern reality is able to breach the imagination of those who visit it.

Best time to go to Jordan

As you can well imagine, when you arrive in Jordan you will have to prepare yourself for a climate where very high temperatures and dry heat are the characteristic features. The best area from a purely climatic point of view is undoubtedly the northern one, where winters are not too rigid and summers where the temperature is definitely bearable.

Having said that, you are surely wondering what is the best time to go on holiday to Jordan. Well, certainly in late spring and autumn, although obviously, the classic summer period will also be fine if you are not too scared of having to deal with certain very high temperatures.

What to eat in Jordan?

A very important aspect of any holiday is undoubtedly the culinary one.

Well, even from this point of view Jordan will really have a lot to offer you and will be able to conquer you even if you are among those travelers who do not like to try local specialties too much. The dishes to try are so many and delicious.

If your desire is to immediately try the Jordanian dish par excellence, the one that represents

Jordan in the world from a gastronomic point of view, then you will have to try Mansaf, which is nothing more than a dish where rice, slightly less liquid yogurt, coexist. of what you are used to eating and lamb meat.

This dish has Bedouin origins and is still very much appreciated by the inhabitants of Jordan today. Another typical dish that you will surely have to try once in Jordan is Mansaf: this dish also has rice as its main ingredient, which is accompanied by grilled vegetables, meat and almonds.

What to do in Jordan

Unlike many other countries, where you would start your journey from the capital of the country of your choice, the place to put at the first place in your itinerary to discover Jordan, should be Petra, which can be defined, without fear of being exaggerated. , one of the cradles of the

History of Humanity.

And this thought is also shared by Unesco, which for some time has included it within the places that are part of the World Heritage Site.

But why should Petra be an essential destination on your trip to Jordan?

There is so much to say and to tell about Petra, but words will never be able to fully understand the spectacle that you will find yourself observing. Petra was born around 500 BC. C. and today it is one of the most important archaeological sites in the world and the only one entirely inside a crack in the rock.

Visiting this archaeological site is very simple, but you will have to allow at least a couple of days to be able to see it all.

After visiting this stunning archaeological site, your attention may be captured by Gerasa, known throughout the world as the Pompeii of the East. This nickname makes you understand how its origins can be traced back to the Roman era.

Even if only a small part of its buildings have been brought to light, it is decidedly fascinating, starting from the oval square that is located right at the entrance of this other legacy of the ancient world that has reached modern times.

Of course, you should also find time to visit Amman, the capital of Jordan and an incredible example of cosmopolitanism and dialogue between different religions and cultures in the Middle East.

Undoubtedly it is the most important city in the country and its demographic development was impressive: just think that in 1821, when it became the capital of the Kingdom of Jordan, only

7,000 people lived there, while today the last census speaks of about 5 millions of residents.

Amman is among the oldest in the world since the area on which it stands was already inhabited in the Neolithic era. Very interesting from a historical and cultural point of view is the Citadel Museum: here you can find some statuettes dating back to that era.

Once at home you can tell your friends and family that you have been able to closely observe the first statuettes that man created with a cult function. Definitely fascinating, isn’t it?

This museum center will also give you the opportunity to see closely other artifacts that tell the millennial history of Man and the place on which it is located will also allow you to enjoy a fascinating view of the whole city and its many mosques.

But the beating heart of Amman is undoubtedly its lower part, which is located near the fascinating Roman Theater, a work so perfect that it is still today a place where musical and theatrical performances are staged.

Curiosities about Jordan

If you are already preparing your suitcase to leave to discover Jordan, there are some curiosities that will surely please you to know and that will be useful to you during your stay in this reality, a real crossroads of different cultures, religions and customs.

First of all, you must know that the Jordanian population is known all over the world for its great sense of hospitality: you should not be surprised if a person you just met, meeting you a few days later, should greet you by giving you three kisses on the cheeks: this it is in fact a typical Arab custom.

Furthermore, you may understand that you are invited to have a coffee or tea: remember that in case you want to decline this offer, you must always do so by putting your right hand at heart level.

Finally, never be surprised if you should see people eating with their hands: for Jordanians, this is in fact a way to give importance to what you are tasting and to emphasize how eating in a company is a moment in which to fraternize with the diners.

The advice is obviously to adapt to this as well as to the other customs of the country so that you can really fully appreciate every single aspect.

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