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When it comes to a luxury watch for women, The timepiece must feature a slim yet elegance look to be shine on the wrist of a female. Tag Heuer always cares for his customer and always introduces timepieces with useful features. Whether it is a men community or women’s interests, Tag Heuer contains numerous collection of High-tech timepieces to suit all types of lifestyles and dress codes.

The women series of Tag Heuer timepieces contain luxury functional watches with overall minimalistic and slim look available in gold and polished steel. This collection is based on feminine yet robust designs and highly refined timepieces with timeless designs. It is where watchmaking skills are tested and Heuer always recognized as a big player in the list of high-class luxury watch manufacturers all over the world. The feminine timepieces should be optimal in quality that what the brand provides… optimal quality with elegant designs.

What are the most famous Tag Heuer female watches?

Many outclass versions were launched in the brand’s female collection, all are well-optimized and have delicate look. It is where luxury and minimalistic look merged into a single piece of timepiece based on the brand’s in-housed precision-based caliber.

The following are the most famous versions of Tag Heuer Female watches based on our filter.

Link Design Ref- WBC131G.BA0649

Link Design Ref- WBC131G.BA0649

The reason for choosing this watch as our first collection is its overall luxurious look with a royalistic touch. The elegant timepiece of the series with a link design is perfectly suited for a woman. The Rose gold pattern on the black dial with studded 12 diamonds provide a rich look an overall enhances the heritage of the timepiece.

The bezel of the timepiece also covered with 48 diamonds which make this timepiece one of the most exclusive edition of Heure watches. With the studded diamonds and rose gold platted textures overall timepiece is, in fact, the royalistic and elegant as well but suited a professional and active lifestyle as the case and dial is delicately designed but robust enough to withstand environmental conditions but it doesn’t mean that you can take it to the gym, you can keep it in the gym locker if there is enough convincing security.

This timepiece is not just beautiful but functional as well. The date display is also embedded within the dial and powered by a quartz movement-based caliber.

Aquaracer Ref -WBD1325.BB0320

Aquaracer Ref -WBD1325.BB0320

The Aquaracer is one of the most famous series of Tag Heuer watches. This timepiece is composed of a trio of polished steel case, the blue dial with gold indices and gold hands is fixed within a polished steel case. The bezel is made of pure gold and is oversized with engraved digits featuring 60 minutes.

The overall timepiece is an ideal women watch with a touch of high-quality design.

It can also be referred to as a magnificent sports watch with technical ingenuity. This timepiece really provides peace of mind as it has a steel folding clasp with a double pusher to advanced protection and for convenient wearing to be worn over a diving suit. In fact, this timepiece is extremely waterproof and can withstand over 300 meters of depth which is approximately 1000 ft.

The bi-material timepiece is finely tuned with a polished high-quality steel and pure gold18k.

The Formula 1 – Ref WBJ131A.FC8252

The Formula 1 - Ref WBJ131A.FC8252

The aesthetic watch in 35 mm is basically a piece of art in the brand’s luxury watch collection featuring polished steel case powered by enhanced quartz movement. The brand’s logo is printed over the dial on the 12 o’clock and also a date display is embedded within the dial. The crown is protected with screws and an overall timepiece with a pink strap represents a feminine yet minimalistic look with a quality touch of Tag Heuer.

It is an optimal dress watch for women. The case and case back are made of steel featuring 100 meters of waterproofness level which makes this timepiece elegance yet robust enough to withstand intense environmental conditions.

This timepiece is available in different color straps also available in a steel version with a little bit different in price.

  • The steel band is available in 510$ and 235$.

  • Red leather

  • White leather

  • Blue leather

  • Brown Leather

All leather band features the same price point of 95$.

If you are a person of loving an active lifestyle, this timepiece is perfectly suited for you and have a large range of dress codes match compatibility.

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