Best beach in us – Top 3 beaches (in 2021)


Sometimes we feel crazy about the hustle and bustle city life. The better way to escape and overcome this stressing life is a beach trip. We could go for a swim, build a sandcastle and sit back and relax our mind through the beautiful view of the beaches.

Are you planning to go to the next beach trip? Therefore, you want to know deep about beaches so that you can get real happiness. I have got you covered deep about the best beach in the US with the top 3 beaches. 

So let’s dive into these top 3 beautiful beaches… 

Grayton Beach State Park – Florida

Are you getting ready for a fantastic trip? First, in the list, Grayton beach state park is waiting for you to make your dream in reality. It’s not the surprising and secret fact one of the best beaches in the US can be found in Florida. The Grayton Beach state park consistently ranks higher as the best beaches in the US for families.

On nearly 2000 acres, The Grayton state park is mystifying for the beautiful golden sunrises and silver moonlight evenings.

The best thing I love in this beach fishing and paddling, this is not the only attraction you can certainly can do on the beach. Also, you can experience the underwater museum of art. The first underwater art of museum is the permanent sculpture underwater garden in the US. The sculptures immediately attract a wide variety of marine life. Awesome right!

Therefore, if you are planning for a family trip, this can be the best choice for you.

Caladesi Island State Park – Florida

The next beach is Caladesi in our list. The Caladesi island state park is accessible for the boat, privet boat and long hike from the clear beach.

This beach is surrounded by sand and clear water. Sure, there are so many beaches is famous for blue water. Although Caladesi is not just famous for the beautiful ocean, if you are so interested in the mangrove, then it will provide you more than that.

According to my experience, most of the people come here for the mangroves. The birdlife is quite different. You will get an unforgettable experience at the Caladesi beach.

The most important and best experience you can get here that is, take a trail hike to the historic interior. Try to walk a slow peace; you will listen to the ocean bridge and appreciate them.

I would say, if you are the hustle and bustle about city life, you will love this place.

Coronado Beach, San Diego – California

The last beach we are going to talk about Coronado beach. The Coronado is one of the popular beaches for the family trip in America. The long sandy beaches and the Mediterranean climate make it an awesome beach in the US. Pretty cool, right!

The 200 foot tall Coronado Bridge treat you one of the best view of San Diego. The Coronado beach is excellent for water sports. Therefore, if you love water sports and want to show the best view of San Diego, then it can be good choice.

Luckily, if you are a dog lover and want to play with your dog on the beach, then you don’t have to worry. The Coronado beach is pet friendly.

Final Thought

I believe you got a good idea about the best beach in the US. You may notice it’s not a tough deal to planning beach tour because we already shared with you the top 3 best beaches in us.



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