10 Top Tips for New Blackjack Players

What’s your inspiration for playing blackjack? Hollywood movies, the MIT Blackjack team, Don Johnson—the world is full of inspirational blackjack stories. But they all share one thing: Winners are great blackjack players.

So, before you fantasize about beating casinos at blackjack, ensure you’re a competent player. How do you become a good blackjack player? Use these tips.

1. Learn the Basic Blackjack Strategy

The basic playing strategy is like a manual for blackjack. You consult it whenever you’re confused about making a move—hitting another card, standing, doubling down or splitting. It helps you play blackjack like a professional—because you rely less on guessing and more on the “manual.”

For example, it dictates you should always hit if you have a hand of 5 to 8. And you should stand when you have an ace and an eight card. There are more rules and you can find them online. That said, the basic playing strategy is the only system you need to win at blackjack according to many experts. So, learn it and use it consistently.

2. Avoid Insurance Bets

Blackjack has a rule that you can bet whether a dealer has a ten-value card after they reveal their first card is an ace. This is called an insurance bet and pays 2 to 1. The problem is that the odds of winning are too low and the payout isn’t so good.

3. Check the Dealer’s Up-Card

Blackjack is all about making moves based on the dealer’s up-card. If she has a two-value card (terrible card), then you can double down and hit. If it’s a top card (8-Ace), then you could hit without double down.

Luckily, many casinos make an effort to show you the dealer’s card before you even ask. This is particularly helpful online because you could be playing against a computer.

4. Play Blackjack at a Good Casino

A good blackjack casino can help you win often at blackjack. Doubt it? Think about it. The best casinos have a variety of blackjack tables, so you can choose one with a pretty low house advantage.

Then they give you bonuses—money you can use to play blackjack without spending your cash. Additionally, they have smooth payments, which often means no deposit and withdrawal fees. Add reliable customer support and a mobile app and you have reasons to choose top-rated blackjack sites like Casino Heroes.

Read the comprehensive Casino Heroes review at bestonlineblackjack.com to learn more about it before you create an account. Also, find out the types of blackjack it provides, bonuses and payment methods.

5. Start Small and Stick to your Budget

When playing slots, the standard advice is to maximize your bets. The explanation is that maximizing your wager helps cover all your losses when you eventually win. In blackjack, though, it’s always better to start small and scale upwards under the right conditions.

Starting small helps you gauge the dealer. How well does she know the game compared to you? Or how hot or loose is the RNG software you’re playing against? After you have this information, you can then increase your bets.

While at it, stick to your budget. Don’t raise your wagers after just a couple of wins. And don’t chase your losses by playing even when you seem not to win.

6. Play your Favorite Blackjack Variant

Blackjack comes in many types. Find your favorite variant and become an expert at it. Why’s that important? It’s better to be an expert in Blackjack Switch than an average player in many blackjack types.

Classic blackjack is the most played variation at land-based casinos. But on the Internet, finding Vegas Strip, Pontoon, Blackjack Switch or Atlantic City Blackjack is easy. Note: Each variant comes with rules, a specific payout rate and house edge.

7. Avoid Emotional Betting

Emotional betting is when you make decisions based on you think what will happen rather than facts. Let’s say you lose three bets in a row. And then because you think you will win the next wager, you risk your entire bankroll.

The best way to approach gambling is through facts and stats. For example, you have a high chance of winning with an Ace and a Nine and the dealer’s first card is 2-7. In that case, you could double down because of your statistical advantage.

Betting through facts and stats can increase your odds of winning significantly. That’s because it helps lower the casino’s house edge. And lowering the house advantage is the easiest way to beat the odds of winning at blackjack.

8. Don’t Play when Distracted

Blackjack is a fun game to play at parties. But if you’re too drunk with wine or distracted by something else, you should stay aside. That’s because distractions lower your chances of winning for obvious reasons.

Of course, you could play blackjack while drunk a little bit. But that’s only when playing at home with friends and not a lot of money is involved it. When playing to beat the dealer for real money, play while sober.

9. Set Realistic Goals

Goals help manage your expectations. They also dictate your budget, your schedule and how to play Blackjack. In other words, they’re necessary, at least if you want to keep everything in order.

How do you set blackjack goals? Record how often you win and how much money you make from blackjack daily, weekly and monthly. Then set goals to help increase your profits by 5%, 10% or 20%.

Truth be told, most professionals don’t make more than 10% of your monthly budget. So, set realistic goals you can achieve.

10. Claim and use Blackjack Bonuses

Some people hate blackjack bonuses because of their terms and conditions. But when you think about it, bonuses are your friends. So, find casino offers with friendly terms and use them to maximize your profits.

Blackjack bonuses maximize your bottom line by helping you reduce losses. When you lose, it’s not your cash you lose but house money. And when you win, it is more cash added to your account.