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Looking out of the window, there is no way that you would say it is August. After a brief hint of sunshine a few weeks ago, the rain has started to crash against my window as I write this, shattering all plans of a sun-soaked summer! In the search of something weatherproof, we got inspired to search the web for some fun activities to do whilst the great British summer time does its thing…

Feeling random and looking for the perfect gift for that kooky friend? Send a personalised potato through the mail! King Edward, Russet, New, Charlotte…pick your variety and message, then you are good to go. Some get a box for postage, but some literally arrive with a postage label stuck to the potato! If you ever get that crushing millennial existential crisis feeling, just remember – a variety of different sites exist for the sole purpose of sending a potato through the mail!

Got a big birthday coming up? Why not buy a Lordship/Ladyship for that special person in your life? We have found dozens of websites that offer people a title! That’s right, for those who have the urge to be addressed as Lord or Lady – your wish can come true. Yes, your friend, or even yourself can buy a title for just under £200! Simply apply online and within a few days your certificate will drop through your newly rightly honourable letterbox!

If you wanted to get a bit more meaningful, how about making someone’s week by ordering them a virtual hug? Box Sized Hugs have a variety of different letterbox packages that you can order online and send directly through the post to friends and family. You don’t even have to move a muscle, as Box Sized Hugs can do all the hard work for you. Contents include anything from that all important bar of chocolate, to a snazzy pair of socks to warm a friend’s feet on a cold night. What’s more, a percentage of the profits the company makes are donated to mental health charity, MIND. Now that’s a donation we can stamp our name on.

In a brooding, inquisitive mood? Check out Window Swap. This innovative creation lets you access a multitude of online windows from across the world. Is there anything better than sitting by a window to read, take in a cup of coffee, or simply to watch the world go by? I’ve been glued for hours to window overlooking the beautiful countryside of Iceland. In the click of a button, I can be in the hustle and bustle of Rio de Janeiro. And what’s even better – it’s completely free!

If you fancy something a bit more scientific, how does taking a visit to the International Space Station sound? Nasa have a great live stream from the ISS and includes both internal views and Earth views. Sometimes you can even catch a conversation between the crew and Mission Control. Simply out of this world!

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