5 Most Dangerous Hunting Animals

Hunting is most probably the most ancient skill which we humans still cherish. Now it has more become a sport but still it is an art to be a good hunter. You need to know a lot about the nature of certain animals in order to be safe and don’t become prey yourself. There are many dangerous animals out there that can make your life quite miserable if you don’t hunt them well. This is the list of such animals who are really difficult to hunt for number of reasons. Let’s see who is in the list and future caution must be taken after reading this.

Crocodile or alligator

You must have seen crocodiles sleeping around near lakes in national geographic while waiting for their prey. This animal is not that much fast when it comes to the speed but once you are in the radius of its target then you are dead. According to some sources total deaths recorded in whole African continent caused by any single animal is registered by crocodile. They are huge and have big jaws to grab big animals or humans. The most effective tool used by crocodile is to roll its prey and drown it into the water. That is the reason why hunting down a crocodile is very difficult specially if you are doing it in a boat. They are big big animals usually weighing in thousand pounds. You need extra ordinary arrangements to have this animal under your feet.


Well this is the animal you would most certainly like not to play with in an open field. There are different variations found as far as rhino is concerned and they all are dangerous to hunt down. According to researchers the weight of this animal is normally more than 1000 pounds but some say it could go up to 8000 pounds as well. With that much weight you must be afraid of this animal but that is not the only thing to be afraid of. The speed is also a matter of concern for this animal as it can run with 50kph and that could be good enough for any footed hunter trying to bring this massive animal down. You see that horn in rhinos; yes they don’t only have this horn but know how to use when things get difficult. This is highly recommended for hunters to go for special arrangements before going to hunt this animal.

Polar Bear

When you hear Arctic what comes to your mind after glaciers? Of course it is the deadly polar bear. This specie is not only dangerous but they have got great natural camouflage which helps them in easily target their prey. Lots of research has been done on this animal and you can view the footage showing polar bear doing its own hunting of fish, seals. Mind you they can kill anyone near to its proximity. With deadly speed and big paws it can kill almost anyone. There have been reports of people encountered by these animals. Let’s talk about its speed as speed is one of the crucial things for any specie to not only attack but also when it comes down to defend. These polar bears are really fast and they will go after you once you are seen. In short this polar bear is dangerous.


Like most of the hunters seek their targets in the grasslands of Africa so is the case with leopard hunting. The leopard is known of its speed and it is true that speed alone makes this amazing animal a dangerous one at the same time. There are many groups of hunters try to go deep into the lands where leopards are found in east African countries and they are successful too most of the times. Not everyone is so lucky though as there have been cases of leopard attacks reported in big numbers. One of the most dangerous qualities of leopards is that they also know how to dodge the enemy and surprise them with attack. So it is better to hunt this animal in broad daylight as prevailing night can be a good advantage for this animal.


This list cannot be completed without putting the king of the jungle in it. The lion in wild nature becomes the most dangerous specie not only for the animals around but also the hunters who try to go for hunting. The innate quality of lion is that they are fearless and if they can attack animals more heavy then themselves then humans cannot be skipped from the list. Lion has got other characteristics as well to become dangerous animal like they have got the right speed. They are actually made for fierce fight as they just stalk their target with quite precision and exactly know when the attack should be on. The African grasslands provide great camouflage to these animals and you will know the attack when it is fully launched so you must be very cautious specially at night.

Other Animals to look for

Well if you are thinking these are the only species dangerous for hunters then you are very wrong. We have not forgot hippos and elephants who can be as dangerous as animals mentioned above if not more. One common thing between these two animals is the weight; they are really heavy and once you are in the range of their attack you will be long gone.


As you can see no matter how much you know about animals or hunting it is most likely you will get surprises on the field. For beginners it is advised to go with some expert hunters first to actually understand the gravity of danger operating in such areas.