6 Essential Accessories for Your Mountain Bike Holiday


Mountain biking is always a fantastic low-cost getaway for you and your family but before you head out on an unforgettable excursion you have to make sure you pack the right gear! Before heading out on your trip be sure to outfit your bikes or packs with a proper first aid kit and snack pouch. If you plan on driving to the location of your mountain bike holiday it’s a good idea to invest in a car-mounted bike rack and a well-stocked bike repair kit. Finally, having a good, ergonomic backpack is a great way to help you stay upright on the trail and having a sturdy helmet will keep your head safe from any falls. This article will go over six essential accessories you need for your next mountain bike holiday. 

First Aid Kit 

Even the most seasoned mountain bikers still get a scratch or two from time to time so it’s critical to have a first aid kit with you. It’s a good idea to have a larger first aid kit in your backpack but you can also get yourself a smaller bike-mounted first aid kit for convenience’s sake. Keep it stocked with bandaids, small bandages and disinfectant to quickly tackle scrapes. 

Snack Pouch 

Keeping your energy level up is one of the keys of a successful mountain bike journey so be sure to eat plenty of light snacks to keep you going. Many people put their snacks in their backpacks when they go and hit the mountain but there are also a variety of bike mounted pouches that can hold your snacks. Having your snacks on your bike means that you don’t have to dismount to grab a quick bite of your power bar or electrolyte gel so you can keep the good times rolling!

Automobile Mounted Bike Rack

If you own a car fitting your mountain bikes into it can be a difficult task so if you plan on going on your excursion with a few people it’s a good idea to get a car mounted bike rack to transport your bikes wherever you go. If you have a pickup truck it may seem like a good idea to just put your bike on the back of it but this is actually unsafe as they can still fall out if you hit a bump, for the best bike rack for your truck bed get one that locks into the truck bed and keep your bikes standing upright. This configuration will also keep your bikes from getting damaged on the ride over from hitting each other. 

Bike Repair Kit

If you plan on driving out to the wilderness to go on your mountain biking adventure odds are there won’t be a bike repair shop for miles in any direction so it’s important to be properly prepared for any breakdowns. So if your bike gets damaged on the trail it’s always a good idea to have a well-stocked bike repair kit in your vehicle you can use to fix your bike any time anywhere.

6 Essential Accessories for Your Mountain Bike Holiday 2

Water Backpack 

If you’re outside biking in warm weather you’re bound to get dehydrated pretty quickly so it’s essential that you have an ample supply of water on you to drink. There are many backpack water systems you can buy such as the Camelbak which allows you to drink water out of your backpack through a straw placed on your shoulder. These backpacks usually have a capacity of multiple liters of water which will be more than enough to suit your mountain biking needs. 


Keeping your head safe is always something you should keep in mind while mountain biking. Mountains and forests are full of hard objects like rocks and trees you can hit your head on so if you plan on biking in these terrains you without a doubt need to buy a proper bike helmet. When selecting a bike helmet make sure that it’s made of a durable material and has built-in impact reducers. 

If you love the outdoors then a mountain biking trip will be the perfect getaway for you, but before your trip, you need to make sure you’re bringing the right equipment. If you don’t have them already it’s a good idea to purchase a small first aid kit and a snack pouch for your bike so that nothing can stop you from having a great time. If you plan on driving out to the wilderness you should get yourself a car mounted bike rack and a good-sized repair kit to keep you bike trail ready. Finally, be sure to get yourself a water backpack to keep yourself properly hydrated and a sturdy helmet to keep your head safe. With the right accessories, you can be sure your mountain biking holiday will be an incredibly thrilling experience, so next time you have time off work why not hit up the wilderness and see where the call of the wild takes you. 

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