8 Charges that you must avoid when renting a car in Dubai


Dubai is a place you should be if you want to experience an amazing, memorable and delightful vacation. Dubai has beautiful and amazing structures and infrastructural buildings in the world, with the Burj Khalifa; the world’s tallest building and the Burj d’Arabs; the world’s only seven-star hotel located within the borders of the beautiful city of Dubai. The luxurious lifestyle that comes with residing or visiting Dubai is caused by the presence of many architectural edifices that has raised the standard of living in Dubai.

Car rentals are a very common thing in Dubai. Every year, millions of people rent cars from car rental companies on short term and long term car rentals. The car rental industry has become popular for providing a major alternative to car purchase. Also, a resident or tourist can enjoy different brands of cars rented at affordable rates on the streets of Dubai. Some car rental companies like Car Rental Dubai and Rent a Car Dubai have become popular for providing rental cars at the best available car rental deal in Dubai. Generally, it is the wish of every individual who wants to rent a car in Dubai to get the best affordable car rental deal. However, to rent a car at the best rates, you must avoid the following charges;

1. Parking charges

When you rent a car from a car rental company like Car Rental Dubai or Rent a Car Dubai, it is expected of you to pay full attention and responsibility towards the car. When you are parking a car anywhere in Dubai for more than a specific period of time, you will be asked to pay a parking charge. So when you are driving a rented car in Dubai, as much as you can, avoid those places that have significant parking charges so you will not end up spending too much money on a particular rental car.

2. Insurance charges

From Car Rental Dubai to Rent a Car Dubai, every car rental in Dubai offers insurance cover for rental cars that are rented on a short term or long term car rental deal. Some of these insurance deals provide insurance cover for the rental car in case of theft of car, theft of belonging or rental car damage. However, some car rental companies in Dubai charge significantly high for insurance charges. To avoid paying these high cost of insurance charges that are offered to you, employ the services of a personal insurance company to provide insurance cover for the rental car at a much cheaper price. This way, you will end up spending less.

3. Fuel charges

It is a general policy in car rental companies like Car Rental Dubai and Rent a Car Dubai operating in Dubai, that an individual that rented a car must re-fill the tank of the rental car before returning the car. Due to certain circumstances, most people end up prepaying for fuel charges before even driving the car. This is an expensive way to operate as in most cases you will end up not even using all the fuel in the car. Next time you want to rent a car from a car rental company like Car Rental Dubai and Rent a Car Dubai that offers rental car on short term and long term car rentals, do not prepay for fuel charges, rather refill the rental car tank yourself before returning the car.

4. Damage charges

When you rent a car in Dubai from a car rental company like Car Rental Dubai, you will be asked to pay damage charges if you are guilty of damaging the car. The damage charges required by car rental companies like Car Rental Dubai and Rent a Car Dubai operating in Dubai, is always expensive and will not help you reduce cost. To avoid damage charges, always ensure you inspect the car very well to ensure it is in the best possible shape, as in some cases, most people may be asked to pay for damages that already pre-existed in the car, that was spotted by the car rental company when the rental car was returned.

5. Admin charges

Car Rental Dubai and Rental cars uae are some of the numerous car rental companies that collect admin charges from individuals that want to rent a car on short term or long term car rentals. For example, in Rent a Car Dubai, admin charges are collected to cover for the cost of car maintenance services, cost of workmanship for car accessories installation and cost of home delivery services. Due to the fact that admin charges are one of those charges that you cannot totally avoid, you can always negotiate with the car rental company and get your charges reduced.

6. Toll charges

Toll charges are collected by car rental companies like Car Rental Dubai and Rent a Car Dubai in line with the Government directions that every citizen must pay some money at tolls. Normally, you can pay for tolls at the toll gates. However, if you pass the toll gate without paying, your rental registration number will be taken down and the government will contact your car rental company to collect the toll charges you have incurred at every toll gate you passed without paying. To avoid paying tolls, you can use a GPS to ‘’avoid tolls’’ by following routes that do have toll gates.

7. Extra charges

Car Rental Dubai and Rent a Car Dubai are examples of car rental companies in Dubai that collect extra charges from individuals that use the car or keep a rental charge beyond the period contained in the car rental deal. When you are renting a car, endeavour to return the car on time, to avoid the extra charges.

8. Car accessories charges

Car rental companies like Car Rental Dubai and Rent a Car Dubai that operate in Dubai, collect car accessories charges for installing car accessories like children seats and GPS tracker in rental cars. To avoid paying these charges, you must look for an alternative to these car accessories. For example, instead of renting a GPS from a car rental company like Car Rental Dubai, you can use the google map services on your smartphone as an alternative to GPS. Car accessories charges are one of the charges you must avoid.

In conclusion, it is the dream of every car renter in Dubai to rent a car from a car rental company like Car Rental Dubai or Rent a Car Dubai at the best possible car rental deal. However, several charges like parking charges, insurance charges, fuel charges, damage charges, admin charges, toll charges, extra charges and Car accessories charges must be avoided by all means, as these charges affect the car rental deal negatively.

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