8 Steps to Follow If You Want To Start Your Own Pressure Washing Business


Most people assume that pressure washing and power washing are the same things, in many ways, they are, but in other ways, the two are far different. Different machines are used for different methods of washing. The only difference between both machines is the heating element. Power washing uses hot water and the high pressure to wash thoroughly. Pressure washing, on the other hand, depends solely on high pressure. The high-pressure blasts can do wonders when blasting away dirt and grime.

One might be tempted to start their own pressure washing business without studying the whole aspects of the story as the business idea comes off as easy and cheap. This couldn’t be far away from the truth, starting your own business takes a lot of money, effort, and time, especially to study the business idea before you start.  Before you start asking is power washing a good business for me or not, consider using the machine for a trial period before you make up your mind. Find options to try the pressure washing machine or to borrow it before you spend money on it, to make sure that you can start this business.

If you know how to pressure wash or you are willing to learn and you are contemplating starting your own business, we have summarized 8 steps you should be following in order to lead a successful business.  To know more about pressure washers, you may visit Hotsy Equipment Company.

1. Pressure Wash Like A Pro

YouTube is our savior when it comes to learning any new talent, hobby, or skill that we find ourselves into. Just search for courses and guides on how to pressure wash whether you already know, or you don’t have any experience, adding to your knowledge will really quicken your learning curve. It’s also important to feel and use pressure washing machines on your property before you consider using it on someone else’s. You can read more here.

2. Decide On Your Services

Deciding on your service offerings is important before you throw yourself into the business. This way you will be able to know your audience to be able to build your marketing strategies to target them. Choose who you will be offering your services to, is it going to be residential, industrial, or commercial? It’s important to start slow, and then start taking more and bigger projects as you become better in the business. One thing to consider when you are accepting projects is whether your machines will handle it or not. Once you have decided on your niche, start pricing your services. You need to determine your services, prices depending on the average in your area to not seem expensive or a rip-off to new clients.

3. Calculate Everything

Writing down everything you are going to need and how much everything costs will give you a clear estimate of how much money you are going to need for this business. This way you will know if you have enough money to start the washing business or not. If you don’t have enough money, and you are going to borrow it or if you are considering a loan, it’s important to calculate all the money you are going to spend, and all the money you expect to make, to be able to get an estimate on how much your profit will be. This will give you a clear idea when exactly you will be able to return back the money you borrowed.

4. Business Documents

The most important thing when you are starting any new business is to learn legally everything about it. What documents you are going to need? Do you need insurance? First thing, you will need to get your business license, you might need to pay a bond before registering the business with the state. Registering your business with the IRS comes next to make sure you are keeping everything legal. Depending on the state you are in, you might need an environmental permit to make sure your business is “green”.

5. Pressure Washing Equipment

The initial cost of starting a business can drive us crazy because it can be so overwhelming and disappointing. That’s why it’s important to start small, but never cheap. Your clients will trust you more if you have one expensive high-quality machine, rather than a cheap whole set of equipment. Compare the prices and write down each machine pros and cons and all the options it comes with to be able to make a decision before you buy it.  Also make sure you check out the best pressure washer surface cleaner as well.

6. A Business Bank Account

Business bank accounts are very helpful. You will be able to see how much you spend on the business, how much you gain, and you will seem more professional to your clients. Open a checking account that is dedicated only for your pressure washing business to be able to track and organize all your finances.

7. First Impression Matters

Your business needs to have a social media presence. This way you will give your business a more professional outlook; you will give your clients a chance for their voices to be heard; social media apps also offer a way for clients to contact you other than your business email. Social media accounts can be shared, you can ask happy clients to share or leave a comment, this way you will be running a marketing campaign for yourself without paying a penny.

8. Web Presence

Creating a business website matters as much as social media accounts, but the website is usually dedicated to information about your business. You can add a backstory behind your business for your clients to feel closer to you and your business. The website is a great place to show off all the products and services you are offering.

Your Business Plan

Write every question you can find in this business on a paper and then answer the questions. You will start to have a clear picture of all the steps and their order that you need to go through in order to lead a successful business. Write down lists of all the papers you are going to need, the amount of money essential for you to start, and all the hiccups and roadblocks that you might run into and how to handle them.

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