Audio Brands for New, Aspiring Musicians to Check Out

Building a song or an instrumental involves a lot of sample searching, sound creation, and sound design. Finding the right sound for any genre is not an easy task, and having one place to find it all is essential to any aspiring musician. Hunting for samples, gathering sources, cutting out stems, organizing your library, are all very daunting tasks for new musicians in the industry. In this guide, we will be giving all the new and aspiring musicians the top 5 audio brands to check out. with the best resources available for your next project.

Unison Audio

Unison audio, definitely one of the best choices on this list, provides a varied selection of samples that are the best quality. Definitely, the best selection of samples and production tools are available and they sell packs complete with kicks, snares, hats, tops, and all the like unique for the genre you are trying to produce and it even includes video tutorials on how to produce using the exact sound that you purchased from them. You can start producing producer-level and high-quality music with no hassle at all, you can even avail of exclusive discounts when you go to their website!


Zero-G sample libraries let you pick from multiple genres, different samples that may suit your production needs, each sample is vetted for quality and is heavily inspected before being sold to you. They are completely dedicated to audio sampling and sound fx for music production. Their goal is to make sounds specifically for new and professional-quality audio samples for very affordable prices. You have the choice to go through thousands of sample clips and sound effects ready to be used. Make sure to check out Zero-G.

Big Fish Audio

This audio brand has been around for almost forty years now, tried and tested by time, is still going strong and selling audio samples and virtual instruments. Over the years, they have been able to gather a library of hundreds and thousands of audio samples that are available for purchase to the public. They focus on selling license-free sounds that you will be able to use in all of your projects without worrying about anything aside from the production. They are currently one of the largest sample libraries in the world and definitely one of the oldest audio brands on the market.

Boom library

Boom library was founded in 2010 and provides high-end audio samples and virtual instruments, their audio samples are treated with sound miner meta-data and are designed with the utmost quality. They provide different types of audio samples that are unique to the style of music you are creating. They provide audio samples that can even be used for gaming soundtracks and the like. Depending on the projects that you are working on, the boom library might just have exactly what you are looking for. They claim that their products are unique and can not be found anywhere else on the internet.


Loopmasters sells premade loops and audio samples that are designed by their team of producers so that new and upcoming producers can purchase the audio and use their samples in any way they choose after they purchase the licenses from them.


After going through this guide, and checking these sites out, you should be ready to start producing your next masterpiece in no time. If you are looking for the right samples, and the perfect virtual instruments for the sound and music that you are trying to create, going through all these sites is bound to lead you to the exact sound you could be looking for.