Benefits of Telephone Answering Service For Small Businesses

In life, just as in business, first impressions are essential, and you should ensure that your customers get the impression that your business is worthy of them investing their hard-earned money. Customers being unable to contact your business certainly doesn’t make it look this way. That’s why you should ensure that no customer is going to switch to your competitors just because they couldn’t reach you, as clear communication is essential in any business.

A Telephone Answering Service will pick up the customer’s calls for you and act as a virtual receptionist so that you can rest assured that you never miss any incoming calls.

Customers that get acquainted with your telephone service might be impressed, and as a result, they could order products from your website or visit your brick-and-mortar store. Don’t let a lack of telephone contact lose your company valuable customers that may head straight to your competitors.

Order Processing

A telephone answering call center automation service will pick up your overflow calls to reduce the amount of missed calls from customers. This way, you’ll be able to dedicate your time to other crucial aspects of your business, rather than notoriously answering your calls. The statistics out there estimate that nearly 80% of customers will not call you back if you have missed their first phone call, so you might be losing a large part of the potential business just because your customers couldn’t reach you.

Crafting professional telephone announcements is effortless with a call announcement generator, allowing you to order custom announcements online with ease. The most effective call announcement (Telefonansagen in German) is one that seamlessly integrates into the caller experience, ideally making them feel as if they are speaking directly with you. When direct communication isn’t feasible, using call announcements ensures that every interaction is handled professionally and personally in your absence. These telephone announcements leave callers with the impression of being directly connected to you, as if you were personally answering the phone.

The service will also guide your customers through purchasing goods and services through the phone. It will allow them to acquaint themselves more with the services you offer, increasing their likelihood of them returning later on to purchase more products.


Hiring a receptionist can be an unjustified expense for a small business since it means that they’ll have to be paid regularly, even if there are not many phone calls.

Telephone answering services are very cost-efficient, starting at as little as $20 per month, with a pay as you go system. This system will not only decrease your overheads as a business, allowing you to allocate the money you’d otherwise spend on physical human labor in your office to other resources that may be crucial for the growth of your business.

With some expanded virtual receptionist plans, you can pay as little as $2.25 per phone call over the plan, which will pay itself off with the customers able to purchase goods over the phone.

You’ll also miss out on extra costs that come with hiring employees, such as maintenance fees, vacation days, and bonuses that all add to the additional costs of having a physical employment force. There are various options to suit small businesses that provide different payment plans, from phone call minutes to fees per month. It can all be tailored to meet business needs and you can also make it easy to recollect by purchasing vanity numbers.

The majority of answering services for small businesses offer a free trial period, without the requirements of even putting your credit card details into it. There’s no harm in trying such an alternative and seeing how it fits into your business model.

Around The Clock Availability

Even if your business is open from 9 to 5, a call center service is available to pick up the phone calls 24 hours a day. This will allow your customers and businesses who operate in a different time zone to contact your company at more accommodating hours, giving them a sense that your business values their time and is available to talk to them whenever they need to.

It can get very frustrating for customers not to be able to reach you; that’s why a phone service provides around the clock availability, allowing your customers to contact you whether they feel the need to. Those features are essential for small businesses, as they allow them to expand their customer base by having a good opinion and around the clock customer service.

Appointment Scheduling

A virtual receptionist not only provides a great source of customer support for clients who need help with the details of services offered by your business, but they also act as a live agent, with their ability to take messages and schedule appointments.

This affordable answering service will guarantee that all incoming calls from other business owners and customers will be answered, even if you’re faced with a high call volume which you wouldn’t be able to operate yourself. The full time live answering service will book an appointment with you, or pass any phone numbers, so that you can personally call back a specific company or customer.


Even though in this day and age, most customers go online to do their shopping, there’s still a substantial amount of those who prefer placing their order through the phone – especially if they’re still unsure about the product or prefer physical communication to shopping online.

If you run a small business, a live receptionist service that will answer every call and help you maintain your business’s client management might be something you should look into. Those business answering services will not only allow you to cut costs and dedicate them to other departments but will make you rest at ease knowing that your customer service is operating properly and you’re not unnecessarily losing any customers due to missed phone calls.