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The recent hit of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide has proven that the seemingly unimaginable can just as easily become the new normal. One of the best examples of this is working from home. Remote work has become prominent lately, as many organizations have started encouraging their employees to work from home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and preserve lives.

Thanks to the advances in technology that have made life more comfortable, we can now perform almost all of our tasks remotely. It’s become almost natural, to the point where we are nearly forgoing the beautiful and gigantic brick buildings as we gradually convert comfy rooms in our homes into offices.

Running a remote organization is beneficial in various ways for businesses of different categories, be it a small and mid-size enterprise, a medium-sized enterprise, or a large enterprise. Working from home will not only help you cut down the maintenance costs of field equipment, but it will also give your employee the chance to work based on their schedule and bring about more productivity.

Make the Most Out of Remote Work

There are multiple ways to establish remote work opportunities for businesses. You can set up Virtual Private Networks. You may also choose to have remote desktop access. Other options may involve setting up a cloud computing network and simply sharing files between home offices to create a virtual office setup. How you want to operate your remote work solutions makes a vast difference in what kind of solution will be best for your company.

Are you considering running a remote business enterprise? Then this article is written for you. There are places like, where you’ll find several options available for you to start your remote business. You may consider setting up a cloud computing network for sharing files and creating a virtual office setup or having a remote desktop office. Click here if you are interested in SME PBX systems that will make remote communication much easier and more convenient.


Faxing is an essential, albeit a little outdated, way of communication in the business world of today. With FaxBurner, you can easily send and receive free online internet fax just like sending an email. FaxBurner also offers you a free fax number and a chance for your incoming faxes to be transformed easily into emails and stored on your tablets or smartphones.


TeamViewer is one of the promising software applications used for web conferencing, remote control, online meetings, desktop sharing, and transferring files between computers. Teamviewer works on various operating systems, including Android, Microsoft Windows, Chrome OS, macOS, Windows RT, Windows Phone, etc.

Teamviewer allows its users to connect with each other anytime, and enable a machine running TeamViewer to be accessed via a web browser. The company recently agreed to acquire the augmented reality firm Ubimax to expand its Augmented Reality (AR) and Internet of Things (IoT) offering.

The software was created in 2005 in Goppingen, Germany, and is distributed by the German company TeamViewer AG. However, TeamViewer now has local representations in Australia and the United States as of 2018. The company has employed more than 800 staff across Europe, the Asia Pacific, and the United States.


This is another useful business communication platform that is widely used by most businesses and organizations. Slack is a great messaging tool that allows you and your team to communicate and share opinions with each other quickly and effectively.

Slack keeps the entire team in your organization on the same page and accelerates the decision-making process by combining all of your team comms in one place. It also allows you to collaborate with staff in other companies just as you do with your teams.

The beauty of this application software is that it can operate effectively and give you complete functionality on iOS and Android.

Google Drive

You are probably already familiar with this cloud storage app because it is one of the most famous Google applications. With Google Drive, you can store your files on your servers, synchronize them across different devices, and share those files.

While working remotely, you can easily create, edit, store and share documents, sheets, and slides with your team and boss. Google Drive can also work on several operating systems and devices, including Windows, macOS computers, Android iOS smartphones, and tablets.


Blink does not only function as a communicating software but also enhances productivity for remote workers. It is designed to transform employee experience and empower them to make autonomous decisions that help increase their output quality.

Blink is a good choice for your organizations if you want to reach and engage a mobile, frontline workforce. It offers a wide range of features such as an employee directory, calendar management, messaging tool, discussion boards, etc.

The Bottom Line

Running a remote business can bring several benefits to your organization and your team. However, selecting the best choice of remote service is crucial in ensuring that you get the utmost benefits of running a business remotely.

There are tons of remote tools and services available on the internet that a single post can not cover. While choosing a remote software application, you should consider its user-friendliness. Your focus should be on the features they offer and how efficiently they will help your employees perform their tasks.

Finally, it might be a good idea to organize a training session for your employees on how to use those remote applications, so it doesn’t turn out to cause delays in completing their tasks.



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