Budget Accurately with This Budgeting Tool


In any business, budgeting is as essential as marketing and sales. Faulty budgeting will lead to mismanagement, and in the end, the downfall of a business. It is for this reason that software applications are developed to help people in planning and to monitor their budget.

There are many budgeting tools on the market today, and many of them are excellent paid software. However, some of us just can’t afford paid subscription and can only provide to use free tools online. However, we must first understand why we need to budget in the first place.

Isn’t Focusing on Sales More Important?

People who are new to managing a business always have this question in mind. Budgeting is a spending plan to help you avoid overspending and misuse of funds. It’s through budgeting where you can see whether your business is going up or crashing down. Sales generate income for the company, but it is through budgeting that one can adequately allocate funds to continue the business.

Now that we’ve established the importance of budgeting in any business, you need proper tools to manage it efficiently. Gone are the pen and paper method of the past as today, as people can use computers to organize the budgeting process. Here are some of the free online budgeting tools and phone apps on the internet today.


This software can run on all major operating systems (Windows, Mac, and Linux). Buddi will help you in your budgeting, accounts tracking, generating financial reports, and more. Buddi also provides free plugins download adding a lot of features and functionality in this free, yet powerful budgeting program.


This phone app is regarded as among the best free budgeting app in the market today. It has the functionality of a regular budgeting software streamlined to work seamlessly on mobile devices. Mint is free for both iOS and Android, and you can quickly access it after downloading it.


This mobile app built for partners and couples. Goodbudget uses the “envelope system,” where the income from both parties are combined and allocated to various expenses. Goodbudget also has a unique function where multiple users can log in into a single account. This app’s basic features are free, though it has a premium $6 monthly subscription.


This pocketguard visually reminds you in an elegant way of your spending activity. This apps shows the bills you’ve paid and how much money is in your pocket. It’s essential to understand that people are attracted to beautiful visual displays instead of a static spreadsheet filled with numbers.

Budgeting is an integral part of the business. It’s for this reason that business owners must put an equal amount of time in planning the budget alongside the planning for marketing and sales.

It’s through proper and efficient budgeting that a business grows, expands, and ultimately becomes a booming success. Make sure to budget your income correctly, and you’ll never make that wrong turn for your business.

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