Everything you need to know about living as a paying guest in India


People in India usually migrate from one place to another in search of better education, employment opportunities and a better life altogether. Not everyone who shifts immediately has the capability of owning a property on their names. Many students, freshers and migrants are in search of a rented space. Today, paying guests or pg. are known as a helping hand as it provides all the amenities at less cost. Be it Wi-Fi, beds, tv, curtains till side table, ac, geysers and food, pg’s provide everything. You will get options of double sharing, single living, co-living and even triple bedding. The rent differs based upon the locality, amenities and sharing basis. Have a look on what all do you need to know about Paying guest life in Mumbai, India as well as Pune, India.

Paying Guest in Mumbai 

Mumbai which was earlier known as Bombay is a city located in Maharashtra. It attracts more than lacs of tourists every year because of its intriguing culture, traditions, clothing, food and historic reasons. There is so much Mumbai promises to not only a student but a job aspiring candidate. From cheap clothing markets till expensive brands, from spicy street foods till exotic restaurants, Mumbai is purely captivating. Many undergraduate and graduate students come to the city for their education purposes. There are many migrants in Mumbai, India because of their own reasons. In this situation, there arises an alarming need for the space of living. People with great budgets and fine knowledge can manage to get themselves a decent house with their feasibility including some great amenities. Crowd such as students, freshers in IT companies and aspiring candidates have limited options. Pg in Mumbai can be one good option to get everything in budget with all the facilities that anyone will least require. Some of the good locations for pg in Mumbai are –

  1. Powai.
  2. Juhu.
  3. Bandra.
  4. Andheri East.
  5. Malad East.
  6. Azad Nagar.
  7. Goregaon West.
  8. Mira Road.
  9. Borivali West.
  10. Dadar.

These are the top 10 best places where you can find some affordable pg in Mumbai ranging from 6k till 20k depending upon the need of the individual.

Cost of living in Mumbai

1. Pg in Mumbai – Finding a space in Mumbai is quite challenging and expensive task. Some of the above-mentioned places promise good pg’s with facilities and less cost. Usually the Pg’s have Tv, good beds, ac, food, table, chair, geysers and many other things. A pg in Mumbai would cost around 6k till 20k depending upon the locality and facilities. Some of the other good locations in Mumbai, India are – Malabar Hills, Versova, Worli.

2. Transportation – You would be happy to hear that commuting within Mumbai is inexpensive. Local trains, auto rikshaws and cab run 24 by 7. The ticket to run from point to another within the city is as cheap as 20 bucks. The local train covers its tracks locally across the whole city. If you use public transport such as train, bus, auto andcabs, you can assume around 2-3k rupees each month.

3. Food – Mostly the paying guest owners provide food to the tenants and if not, there are so many tiffin options and restaurants which provide food at minimalistic cost. You may assume each meal not less than 150 rupees.

4. Other Expenses – Every individual has their own expenses to fulfil. It could be eating on weekends, watching movies, shopping, paying their electricity bills or whatever. It will always remain miscellaneous and difficult to calculate as it varies. But on an average additional of 5k is calculated.

On an average, you will find that monthly expenses lie down between 15- 20 grands every month, given a person is living in pg in Mumbai.

Talking about the entertainment in Mumbai, there are 

  1. Gateway of India.
  2. Marine Drive.
  3. Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus
  4. Juhu Beach
  5. Colaba Causeway
  6. Siddhivinayak Temple

Also, the night life in Mumbai is well known and you can hang out with your friends anytime and anywhere. The weather in the city is pretty good in winters and a little humid in summers with lots of rain. Altogether, Mumbai,India is a good place to live.

Paying Guest in Pune

Pune is also a city situated in Maharashtra state, India. It is nearby Mumbai, India o you will find a lot of similarities in both the cities. The language spoken, culture and traditions followed are a lot similar. It is said that Pune is little inexpensive that Mumbai, India. Some of the good locations for pg in Pune are –

  1. Koregaon Park.
  2. Viman Nagar.
  3. Hinjewadi.
  4. Hadapsar.
  5. Wagholi.
  6. Wadgaon Sheri.

These places are the best and affordable for pg in Pune, India. Generally, the cost of the pg would be somewhere starting from 5k to 18k which would be having all types of facilities. Pune is also growing its IT sector, infrastructure, educational institutes and entertainment halls. The commute in Pune is also cheap as there are many auto rikshaws, ola, uber cabs running all the night. Including food, transportation, living, miscellaneous expenses, the living would vary between 12k till 18k every month.

Some of the good places in Pune to visit are – Shaniwar Wada, Sinhagad fort, nebula, Katraj Snake park etc. The weather in Pune, India is much better than Mumbai.

Now that we have learnt about paying guest life in two good cities in India. The concern lies is how to find one. Well, rather than filling the pockets of agents or brokers, you can rely on the internet sites which are free of cost and lead to the genuine properties and rates. Rather than knocking doors in various localities which is next to impossible in the big cities, you can find a good pg in Pune or Mumbai, India by just few clicks. Explore, check your feasibility and then you can shift in one.

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