Having a Hard Time Finding a Mattress? Here’s 5 Tips on How to Get Your Ideal Mattress


Being able to work five days a week greatly requires enough energy and a well functioning brain that couldn’t be achieved if an individual is sleep-deprived. In the United States alone, lack of sleep costs the country more than $411 billion every year. This goes to say that if you’ve been battling with sleep issues over the years don’t be pacified by the thought that you’re not alone in this suffering. Never take it as a trivial issue but do something about it. How? Check whether your bedroom is conducive to that sweet slumber you’ve been longing to have. If you haven’t been able to sleep using that old mattress you have now, it’s high time that you change it. However, don’t just pick any mattress. It has to be the ideal one and this article will help make it easier for you to find just that. Check out the following helpful tips:

1. Know what type of mattress you need

You have to know the different types of mattresses so it would be easier for you to decide which one suits you best. Here are the most common types of mattresses:

Memory Foam

This kind of foam was originally used by NASA for seat cushions to give pilots and passengers  better protection from crashes. But, that was in the 1970s. Today, memory foam has already become one of the most popular types of mattresses. Its popularity is attributed to its capability to provide superior comfort as reported by its users. Many people prefer memory foam because it conforms to every inch of  a person’s body pressing into it. Thus, making it suitable for almost everyone regardless of body type. However, not all memory foams are created equal. Click here to see the reviews of the best type of memory foam. If you want one that provides relief from pressure while also providing great support for your body shape and contour, a memory foam will be a great choice.


If you want the type of mattress that allows you to elevate your feet or incline your back, opt for the adjustable one. Other types of adjustable mattresses come with special features such as the ability to vibrate, provide heat or massage. An adjustable mattress is suitable for people diagnosed with a medical condition such as a severe low back pain that greatly affects their ability to achieve quality sleep each night. This is also preferred by the geriatric population who finds it hard to quickly get up from bed every morning. By keeping the back part of the mattress elevated, they can have breakfast in bed. This spares them from the need to painfully force themselves out of bed.


A pillow-top mattress can be made from latex, coil or memory foam bed but will usually have a soft layer sewn into its cover to provide better comfort. This is one of the reasons why pillow-top mattresses are pricier than any other types. If you’re looking to have a mattress that feels softer to your body, opt for this one.

2. Consider your favorite sleeping position

We all have our favorite sleeping position each time we hit the bed every night. Take this into consideration when choosing the level of firmness that you want for your mattress. Statistics reveal that 41 percent of adults prefer to sleep in the fetal position and only 8 percent of them would want to sleep on their backs. But, sleeping on your back is deemed by experts as the healthiest sleeping position. If you love to be in this position when sleeping, choose a mattress that is not too soft otherwise your back will sink and you’ll find yourself waking up with  a painful back. If you prefer to sleep on your side, choose a mattress that is softer than the ones for back sleepers. Opt for the mattress that has a firmness level of 3-6, which falls under the medium soft category. If sleeping on your stomach is the most comfortable position for you, select  a mattress with a firmness level of 5-7 range. If it’s too soft, you will not be able to support your spine well. It has to have the right firmness to allow equal distribution of weight all throughout your body since your torsos will bear much pressure.

3. Factor in your weight

If you weigh less than 150 pounds, opt for a medium firm mattress which will usually fall between the 5-6 range. If you weigh 150-200 pounds, you may also choose the 5-7 range of firmness level to ensure enough anatomical support and dynamic comfort. If you love to sleep on your side, you may choose the 3-5 firmness level. If you’re 200 pounds or more, choose a mattress that’s about 12 inches thick so you won’t have to find yourself sinking too much and avoid pressure points on your back.

4. Don’t get lured by the price tag

In the U.S. there are nine million people who turn to prescription drugs for help with falling asleep. This is a very sad statistics knowing that sleep is supposed to be a natural process that takes place according to one’s own circadian rhythm or biological clock. This is why when buying a piece of mattress, be careful about choosing it. Don’t just look at the price. Examine every aspect of it and note that your whole life will largely be impacted by the type of mattress you choose.

5. Know the size of your bedroom

Choosing the best mattress doesn’t have to require room renovation. This goes to say that when buying a new mattress, think about the size of your room. Make sure it leaves you enough space to move about. Don’t go for that massive bed if your room is small. Though your mattress pays a huge role in helping you achieve a rejuvenating shuteye, but having a reasonable space around you is also just as important in making you feel comfortable all throughout the night.

After all that’s said and done, know that choosing your ideal mattress is all a matter of personal choice. If you have  a partner, the two of you must agree which type of mattress to choose. Most of all, remember that the mattress is just one of the many factors of a healthy sleep hygiene.

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