How an Electric Bike Can Add Fun To Any RV Trip

So, you have decided to break out of the comfort of your home and hit the road on that epic RV trip that most people dream about? Whether it be a trip into the Rockies to explore the Yellowstone Park and the natural wonder of the mountains, or a trip down south to take in the cultural hubs of Texas and New Orleans, you can make this a trip of your lifetime. 

You will need to do a lot of planning and preparation before your trip to make sure that you are properly organized for the full trip. Keep in mind, you might find yourself in desolate areas most of your trip, so having emergency kits and fresh water is vital. 

Make sure you have a functional and reliable RV water pump, as well as emergency food supplies, contact details, and a GPS at all times. 

But, you also want to have fun on the trip, and one of the most highly recommended items for you to take on your RV trip is an electric bike. We thought we would take a look at the new e-bike trend and find out why it is getting more and more popular. 

They Take Up Less Space

This is the first thing that we absolutely love about these electric bikes, they are super compact. Back in the day, you would either need to hoist your bike to some part of the RV or just leave it at home, but now they are super easy to store. 

Whether you are a bike fanatic or not, this is great news, because taking your bike with you on your trip just opens up so many more adventures, and for the fitness fanatic, this means daily exercise can be factored into the notoriously car-bound trip.   

In fact, you can now find the super convenient folding electric bikes that you can easily fit into any space when you simply fold them up. This means easy storage, more space for those other essentials that you need on your trip, and the added luxury of having your bike with you. 

They Take Up Less Space

They Add a Whole New Dimension of Exploration 

Traveling cross country in your RV is quite the experience, and as much as taking in the sites from the comfort of your vehicle is one thing, actually getting into the nitty-gritty of the scenery is another. Having an eclectic bike encourages you to actually get out of the RV and go and explore those mountain trails, lake-side paths, and untouched landscapes. 

In fact, you can plan your entire trip around your biking experience and plot out those adventures before heading out like that spectacular waterfall near Mt. Shasta that you just have to see, or the miles of views that you need to take in on the hiking trails of Montana. 

Having the e-bike means that you can easily access this scenery and really take in the country-side on your adventure. In fact, you can get to hard to reach spots easier with the bike as it does most of the work for you. 

You Don’t Have to Be Lance Armstrong

One of the best things that we love about e-bikes is that they are electric. Yes, we might all be somewhat unfit; quarantine has not been kind, but at least the electric bike is still giving us that fitness boost that we need, without overexerting ourselves. 

Tackling the outdoors can be really tough on a normal bike, and will need certain levels of fitness to get right, and if you are not quite there, or even if you’re injured, these bikes allow you to take part in outdoor activities without the risk of muscle or joint injury. 

In saying that, being stuck in an RV for hours on end does take a toll on your fitness and health. So this is the ideal option for you to get that much-needed cardio, fresh air, and blood pumping before heading back onto the road. As you are traveling from one destination to another, exploring the surroundings can be that much more fun on an electric bike. You will be able to see so much more while keeping fit on your travels. 

They Don’t Cost an Arm and a Leg

Besides the numerous options of e-bikes that you can choose from, they also come in varied pricing that works for you. You can choose from the mountain bike range to the cruiser and the folding bike. Within these categories, you can also select one that suits your pocket. Have a look at the destination that you are choosing, is it mountainous with a lot of elevations? Perhaps the mountain bike is a better choice for that, but if you are sightseeing around cities, a cruiser could be your answer.  

Entry-level bikes will set you back around the $1k mark, but you can also opt for one with all of the bells and whistles if you wish. The bikes are a great investment, as they will last at least two decades, and can provide endless hours of free entertainment and adventures. 

They Don’t Cost an Arm and a Leg

It Is Great Bonding Time With the Family

Having an activity like biking that the whole family can do together is a great bonding experience. So, whether you are RVing to a camping site and exploring the area from there, or road tripping to various great spots, it is the perfect opportunity to get the family out and in the fresh air.  

The ride is smooth and you don’t need to pedal too much to build up momentum. The bikes come with various add-ons and accessories if you so choose, so if you want to pick up a few groceries on the way home, you can choose the bike that will suit you for that specific activity.

They are also easy to charge, so if you are on the road, it is easy to plug it in for it to be ready for your next adventure. 

Wrapping Up

If like us, you are absolutely exhausted from being confined in your home and are looking for your next adventure, an RV trip should be at the top of the list. Imagine, the long empty road in front of you, stretches of untouched scenery, towering mountains, desert plains and sea cliffs. We, too, can almost taste the fresh air and hear our favorite song playing on the stereo as we head off on the road adventure.

Just make sure you are prepared, pack the right resources, and plan your route carefully. Make sure you stop regularly and get enough rest in between long drives. But, most importantly, have fun.