How To Choose A Removal Company in your Area


If you are looking to move your office or home anywhere within Wirral, from Holywell, Bebington or to West Kirby and to any places in Wallasey, then the best removal company should be chosen. Keep in mind that navigating your belongings to where you want them to be moved takes a lot of expertise. 

The last thing that you want to see are damaged items which you have worked hard for years to acquire, But, how do you choose a removal company? 

Check for the company’s license and insurance

To ensure the safety of your properties and all the items that you plan to move, see to it that you choose only the removal company that has the proper license and insurance to operate. To check, ask for the company’s licensure from the British Association of Removers. If you’re in Wirral, UK ask about removal companies that have gone through a 50-Point Inspection. This kind of company inspection includes checking of  satisfaction and trust ratings. It also includes checking of company reviews, trading standards and their history of excellence. The best removal company Wirral must pass and excel this inspection. Moreover, find out if they also comply with the European Standard BSEN 12522. There are also removal companies which earned a license from the British Kitemark, which serves as proof that the company offers quality service where the safety of the items moved are of paramount importance. 

See if they have a solid track record

Although knowing the fact that the moving company has existed for years seems to be one good indication of the company’s commitment to serve, this may not be enough. You have to check online and within your locality for any feedback regarding the quality of their service. Sometimes, the company has existed for so long, but fails to update their system. It is best to choose a removal company that has a solid track record of being successful in the industry. 

Read reviews and comparisons online

Look for trusted review sites online that provide honest and unbiased information about different removal companies. These review sites must also present information about their pros and cons, as well as their customers’ feedback about their service. Of course, you have to find out if the comments and feedback provided come from real previous customers or clients.  

Ask about the services they offer

Remember that not all removal companies offer the same set of services. Some of them are not capable of moving certain items or properties. If you have certain items that are fragile or too valuable such as a painting, ask them first if they are experienced with handling and moving such items. If the items you have will be moved to a storage building, ask them if they also have experience with such or whether they also offer storage solutions.

Ask about their rates

A reliable removal company should be transparent about their base rates and any other fees. There should be no surprises when it comes to giving their clients or customers about the actual and final bill. You should ask about their rates for large, heavy and lightweight objects. If they charge a different rate for fragile items because of the additional or special packing materials that need to be used, make sure that the quote given is accurate and devoid of hidden fees. 

moving boxes

Being able to choose the best removal company would definitely give you a peace of mind that your items are well taken care of. The best removal company handles your possessions as if it was their own. So start looking now for the one that breaks records and not their client’s possessions!

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