How to Find Social Media Influencers in Minutes

The internet has revolutionized how companies do marketing in several ways. To start, a multiplicity of new channels has appeared, were companies can now contact their prospective customers. These channels tend to be much more specialized in terms of the type of people they reach and the purpose. For example, Pinterest is a platform with a strong focus on DIY ideas, recipes, and inspiration for projects. Companies whose product or service is related to these areas might find big profit in creating Pinterest campaigns. Users are quite open to see content from companies on their feeds. For example, Instagram reports that 90 percent of their accounts follow a business on Instagram.

 It goes beyond, social media platforms have the added advantage of storing data about the posts and behavior of their users. This has meant the flourishing of new types of methods that allow companies to know their prospective customers (and their preferences) even to the individual level. This has all revolutionized the way that marketing campaigns are planned. The more relaxed tone of Social Media allows for a more personal approach from companies. People can be reached at different points in time. There is a wider range in the budget that the company can use and a bigger mix in the channels.

 But what is exactly a social media influencer?

 Within the new possibilities that social media has brought, one of the most important developments has been influencer marketing. This means that an “expert” in the field is going to recommend a product or a service. This expert is famous within a niche (lifestyle, travel, sports, gardening, fashion) so their recommendations have big authority in this community. Famous will be mostly determined in terms of the number of people the influencer can reach with his or her social media channels and, in some cases also with the engagement rates that they have.  There are even influencers for genres such as Tollywood festivals as well!

 Design the right strategy for your company

 The first step is understanding the influencer world. In their Gartner L2 Intelligence: Social Platforms & Influencers 2019 report, Gartner recommends dividing the influencers into cohorts or groups that will be determined depending on the number of followers their account has: Advocate: less than 5K followers, Micro: between 5K and 25K followers, Small: between 25K and 100K followers, Medium: between 100K and 250K followers, Large: between 250K and 1M followers, Mega: between 1M and 7M followers, and Celebrity: more than 7M followers.

 Decide the dynamic of your campaign. Most influencer campaigns consist of photos or videos in which the person uses the service and promotes it or runs a contest to win a prize.

 Find the right influencer(s) for your campaign. Following the importance that this type of marketing has gained; several online tools have appeared in the market that can help you find the right influencer. Some of them:

   Upfluence: this platform has a massive database of influencer accounts. They develop AI indexes that analyze their content to determine their reach and engagement. It has a very practical search based on keywords (which can be weighted according to importance) to find the right profiles.

   Post for Rent: this marketing influencer platform has the advantage that a company does not even have to search for influencers. There is a public campaign mode that will notify all influencers i.e beauty influencers, that match the criteria and they will apply for the gig. They also have a system of reviews where both companies and influencers can leave their comments on each other.

   HypeAuditor: this platform concentrates on determining the most influential people on Instagram. They also developed an AI algorithm that determines the quality of their followers and engagement.

 Avoid unnecessary risks. One important thing you should understand is that there are some risks associated with influencer marketing. A good example is the major disaster that the Fyre Festival was, where over 400 influencers made the promotion of an event that was not even fully organized. To avoid any risks, use Nuwber to do background checks on the influencers that you want to engage for your campaigns. This will prevent you from having someone with hard criminal records associated with your brand.