How To Get a Key Out Of A Door? [4 easy Methods]


Have you ever stuck your key in the door? A stuck key in the lock can feel like an emergency case or situation. When a key is struck, the first thing that comes to our mind is to call a locksmith. You can find plenty of locksmith around your area.

In another way, you can also get your stuck key from the door, only if you know how to do it. It is nothing that hard, stuck inside means that the lock mechanism or the key needs some oil or lubricate. Sometimes the lock pins are broken inside.

So in this writing, we will discuss 4 easy methods on how to get a key out of a door. So keep this article and enlighten yourself.

How To Get A Key Out Of A Door

Things that you need

  • A spray lubricant
  • Or penetrating oil
  • two ice cubes in a plastic
  • Screwdriver (optional)

So, after all the things assembled, you can start the process. Let’s start.

Method 1

First of all, keep trying to pulling outward gently. And try not to pull so hard. If you pull so hard with pliers or anything, then it can damage or break the lock pins. Keep jiggling the keys against the lock pins. You have to jiggle the key in a constant manner, which is upward and downward motion. This will help you to pull out the stuck key from the lock.

Method 2

Take one or two pieces’ ice cube in a plastic bag. And try to hold them against the lock. In this manner, it will help to contract the metal enough for the key the clear the pins. And this technique and strategy is really useful and works best in the warm weather.

Method 3

In this method, try to stable the lock by pushing hard against it with one hand. And try to turn the key with your other hand. Sometimes the lock mechanism is really so loose and gets tarnished when it is old. And this method often helps when you are trying to open a door in a house. Hold the lock and make it stable will prevent the lock from turning the key.

Method 4

In this method, take a spray lubricant or penetrating oil. And spray the lubricant or penetrating oil in the keyhole. And try to take out the key and jiggle the key with the other hand. This is a very good and effective way to take out a stuck key from the lock. And in this step, this is all you have to do to free the stuck key.

Tips to get a key out of a door

Sometimes if the case is that you are locked inside, and you do not have access to the lock. In that case, try to find out where the key snapped. If somehow, the key is broken. And half of the key stuck inside and half of it in your hand. Then you can’t get the keys out with the steps mentioned above.

In this case, you need some tools to get out and take the lockout from the lock. If you do not have those tools to work. Then you may need to call a locksmith to do the rest. Perhaps the locksmith will use professional tools like a screwdriver or keys cutter to get the stuck key out from the lock.

What to do when the key stuck in the lock

There are some do and don’t when your key is stuck in your door. So the expert locksmith always recommends doing certain things during such a situation. Among them, some common are given below:

  • Do not push so hard, and do not apply force. If you do so, then it can lead to serious damage.
  • Do not try to disassemble the door lock apart by yourself. And this is one of the worst things that you can ever do.
  • If you know how to do it, then you can do it yourself. If you do not know the techniques, then call a locksmith in your area as soon as you can. They will handle the rest.

How much will it cost

In the case of an emergency, it is also important to know about a locksmith’s cost. And it usually takes 10 to 20 minutes to get your lock fixed. And if some professional locksmith does it, then it will cost a bit more than the regular.

You will find a lot of locksmith in your area. If you have enough time on your hand to find out, then you can compare their cost. But on average, a locksmith will charge 70 to 80 euros in your area. And this cost may vary in the area to area. (i.e., Serrurier Etterbeek)

The bottom line

If you have ever found yourself in such a situation, then the first thing you should do is keep calm and quiet. And if you know the process and methods of how to get your key out from the lock, then go for it. If you do not know, then do not waste your time calling a locksmith.

Nowadays, there are so many locksmith’s websites and agencies that you will find on the internet. (i.e., Serrurier Etterbeek). All you need to do is to find a trustworthy and experienced one for you. Hopefully, now you have acquired the basic knowledge of how to get a key out of a door lock.

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