How to Increase Your Instagram Followers in 2021


Since the launch of multiple features with Instagram, it is no longer only a platform to communicate with each other. Instagram initiates Ads, IGTV, and an Instagram Business Account. Yes, you guessed it right, Instagram wants Businesses and Brands to promote themselves. Build a Social profile and connect to your customers.

Studies have shown that most people search a business on Instagram to check its authenticity by the number of Instagram Followers they hold. You should always keep your Instagram profile optimized for business.

Instagram has transformed itself into an arena for marketers, influencers, and business owners to play around with the audience and grab more followers organically.

If your Instagram presence is not impressive as it should be, it may be your call to learn how to get natural and organic followers on Instagram. The larger your audience gets, the more gates to opportunities will open. You can engage with your audience to build your Business trust.

If you’re ready to take a step to increase your Instagram following organically, let’s get started

Buy Instagram Followers

One of the most effective and instant way to increase followers on Instagram is to buy Instagram followers from a trusted, well-reputed and secure service provider. You might be thinking that it’s not considered as a good practice. You might be right if you’ve ever experienced using a unsecured and non-trustable website.

There are bad fishes in every pool. Some dirty businesses have ruined the reputation of this precious business.

Believe me, it’s going to help you if you fall in right hands. Before buying this service, research a bit about the agency you’re going to trust on. Read their reviews, know their rankings on search engine, read their useful links including privacy policy, terms, and refund policy.

Use Hashtags in Your Posts

One of the most old-school and highly functioning ways to get Instagram Followers organically is through hashtags (#).

People use hashtags to discover content that interests them. Well, that content could be yours.

Find hashtags that represent your content. For example, if you are a photographer by profession, then try to use hashtags that highlight your work #wildlifephotography #weddingphotographer #sunsets, and many more.

The best practice is to use 11 hashtags per post to keep your post optimal.

You can indeed increase your Instagram following by going after the hacks mentioned above.

Hashtag universe is extensive, and I don’t recommend going in without doing some research!

Post Engaging Photos, Videos, and Stories

People on Instagram love to engage on posts by liking, commenting and sharing photos or videos only if they find the content interesting and worth engaging.

According to the research, the engagement rate on Instagram posts is 23% more than the Facebook images. That is why people are more focusing on ways to increase Instagram followers in the first place.

So if you want to grab people’s attention towards your posts, first thing first, you have to generate engaging content.

More your engagement rate, more Instagram users will follow you. You will witness a boost in your Instagram Following.

Make your Followers Happy

I am unleashing the most underrated way to increase your Instagram Followers Organically. Make your Instagram followers happy! Now you may be wondering how it is relevant to my follower’s growth. It is!

Once you build a relationship with your customer, your engagement rate will increase. Eventually, your posts will appear on Explore Page. Many people will see it. And boom! Your Followers will grow like crazy.

You can make your followers happy by posting memes, inspiring quotes, re-sharing stuff, and occasional posts. It will create an emotional bond and increase their interest in your Business.

Be Active On Your Instagram

Be active on your Instagram by liking and commenting on other people’s posts. Regularly engage within the posts to increase your visibility on Instagram –this is an incredible hack to get noticed by people.

With increased visibility, the audience will follow your Instagram Account.

But don’t do spammy things like commenting on every post you see. Because if you engage too much 24 hours, then you may look like an Instagram Bot, and authorities might ban you.

Don’t post your website URLs in other’s posts. Trust me; it’s not the best thing to do. So focus on being active and interactive –in an excellent way to gain more followers organically!

Follow Your Competitors’ Followers

Targeting your competitor’s Instagram Followers is a great way to get more people to follow you because you know for sure that these are the people with interest in your industry.

Since you have names, you can send them promotional messages, follow them, and make them interested in you.

As stated by Instagram, you can follow 20 users an hour and 100-200 people in 24 hours. So choose your target wisely!

There is a significant probability that these people will Follow you Back.

Don’t Post Boring Content & Captions.

While posting on Instagram, make sure to choose an attractive and engaging post. It’s the 21st century, and there is a lot of content to read, watch, and listen to.

If you want to stand out from your competitors, then you need to rethink your Instagram Marketing Strategy to attract more people –to be your followers.

Post funny and exciting content to increase your Instagram followers organically.

Tag People and Mention Location As Much As Possible

If you met a celebrity on your way home, and fortunately, you took a selfie with them. It may be your power source to grab your audience’s attention on Instagram.

Make sure to tag that celebrity in your Instagram post while posting that selfie. More people will attract your Instagram, and as a result, you gain followers.

The same goes for mentioning location in your Instagram posts. It can be a restaurant, street, mall or any place famous.

Post Instagram Stories

Utilize this fantastic Instagram feature to share pictures and a 15-second video relevant to the brand or service you provide.

Instagram Stories lasted for 24 hours and left a significant impact on the viewers.

As a result, they follow your Instagram to receive every story you share. There are several fun features you can experiment with while posting Instagram Stories.

You can also create Q/A sessions and polls to make people take action.

Posting Instagram Stories is a great way to grow your Instagram Followers!

Consistency is key

When you post a picture on your Instagram, and it doesn’t go viral. It’s magnificent. Now you have an outline that this type of content didn’t work out for you.

It would help if you tried something else. Sooner, you’ll figure out what content type works best for your Instagram.

But the key is to stay consistent. Posting content regularly will enhance your Instagram Analytics, and eventually, you start growing your Instagram followers organically.


Growing Instagram Followers organically can save you a lot of money. It will worth your time. You will have followers with high possibilities of them converting into your customers and loyal Instagram Followers. You can visit this website to find top websites to buy Instagram followers in UK. Use the hacks and important tips I mentioned above in the article. And be ready to receive many Instagram Followers on your profile!

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