How to Use CBD Patches

Purekana CBD patches are becoming increasingly popular, offering a prolonged and straightforward dose of CBD that will keep you going throughout the day.

Generally categorized as a form of topical, CBD patches are easily applied to the skin, providing you with a continued supply of CBD. CBD transdermal patches vary both in strength and the length of time they can be used for depending on the particular brand.

Many brands, such as PureKana, have a range of CBD patches for customers to choose from, along with many other topical CBD options.

Often described as one of the most straightforward CBD solutions, how exactly do you use CBD patches, and what can they be used for? Let’s take a closer look and discover how you might benefit from CBD patches.

What Are CBD Patches?

CBD transdermal patches are often listed among other CBD topicals, such as creams and cosmetics. CBD patches work in a different way from other types of CBD topicals, though. They can affect the entire body rather than being limited to the area you apply them.

While most CBD topicals only affect the surface area of the body part they are applied to, CBD patches can penetrate the skin, allowing them to be absorbed into the bloodstream for much more widespread effects.

CBD patches can be applied to almost any area of the body; the CBD contained within the patch is then slowly released over the course of many hours. The CBD works its way through the many layers of the skin before being absorbed into the bloodstream.

Much like CBD oils, the CBD found within patches can then be transported around the body.

How to Use CBD Patches

Using CBD transdermal patches could not be easier. Apply the patch to your chosen area of skin, like a band-aid, and leave for the instructed number of hours. Most CBD patches are designed to be waterproof so that you do not have to worry about them becoming wet and falling off during the day.

CBD patches can be applied to most areas of the skin. However, there are a few areas where they are thought to be more productive. Soft areas of the body where there is less muscle tissue are generally considered to be the best places for patches.

Areas such as the arms, lower back, and the abdomen tend to have less muscle tissue between the skin and blood vessels, meaning that there is less for the CBD to penetrate. When CBD patches are applied to such areas of the skin, the CBD within the patch can access the bloodstream much quicker, causing faster and more noticeable results.

CBD patches can last anywhere from 6 hours up to 24 hours. The exact duration that a patch is useful for will be clearly stated in the instructions. Once a patch has been active for its set number of hours, all you have to do is remove it by peeling it off.

In most cases, it is safe to use a new patch straight away, although some brands will recommend that you wait a few hours between uses.

Why Use CBD Patches?

CBD patches are great for many reasons, but the number one reason to use them is that they are the only way to receive a continuous supply of CBD throughout the day without actively having to do anything.

Rather than having to worry about taking a CBD capsule every 4 hours or remembering to take a few drops of oil, CBD patches can be placed in the morning and forgotten about for the remainder of the day.

CBD patches are also extremely discreet, often placed under clothes. They allow you to receive a consistent flow of CBD throughout the day without having to worry about drawing unwanted attention.

Topical CBD patches are at their most effective on the area of skin they are applied to. Patches can be used to manage pain, allowing you to target particular regions with an increased dose of CBD.

Whether you are looking for a discreet way to take CBD during the day or something that is simple and can be forgotten about for hours at a time, CBD patches are the perfect solution.

Final Thoughts on CBD Patches

CBD patches are quick to use and can be just as effective as CBD oils and capsules when used correctly. Unlike so many other forms of CBD, patches are discreet and can be applied and left for hours, providing you with a continued dose of CBD.