How to Use CBD Toothpicks

As CBD becomes increasingly popular, brands are creating new and exciting ways to incorporate CBD into your daily routine. From CBD gummies to CBD bath bombs, there have never been so many fun ways to add a little CBD to your day.

Brands such as PureKana strives to push the limits of what is possible with CBD, creating innovative ways to enjoy CBD. CBD-infused toothpicks are just one of the many exciting CBD products that can be found when shopping with brands such as Pure Kana. 

CBD toothpicks from PureKana are an excellent way to take CBD, whether you are looking for a small top-up dose to keep you going through the day or simply enjoy new and fun ways to take CBD. So, what exactly are CBD toothpicks, and why should you be using them? 

Let’s take a closer look at CBD toothpicks and how they could benefit you.

What Are CBD Toothpicks?

CBD toothpicks are designed to work much like regular gum, only with a CBD twist. Picks can be enjoyed over an extended period of time, giving you something to focus on and satisfy the feeling of hunger.

CBD picks are usually made from similar materials to regular toothpicks, but rather than using them to clean your teeth, you suck and gently chew on them to slowly release their CBD content.

CBD toothpicks are designed to resemble regular toothpicks both in terms of their appearance and the packaging that they come in. The discreet packaging and presentation of picks mean that they can be enjoyed discreetly, making it look as though you are chewing on a standard wooden toothpick.

Packed with tasty flavors, CBD toothpicks make a great alternative to distract you from unhealthy habits giving you something positive to focus on. Picks are ideal for those who find themselves snacking on sugary sweets during the day or those who are looking for a distraction from smoking.

How to Use CBD Toothpicks

CBD toothpicks are designed to be discreet so that you can enjoy a flavor-packed burst of CBD at any time of the day. Simply suck on each end of the stick in turn, in much the same way you would enjoy a lollipop, enjoying a sweet flavor profile while also absorbing a small dose of CBD.

It takes between 15 and 20 minutes for CBD toothpicks to release the majority of the CBD contained within. In order to absorb the remainder of the CBD in each pick, you can gently chew on the pick in order to release the CBD contained deep within the stick.

The effects of CBD toothpicks are generally felt much faster than when eating CBD edibles such as gummies and baked goods. The CBD within toothpicks is able to skip your digestive system instead of being absorbed directly into your bloodstream through your mouth and gums, causing almost instant effects.

Why Use CBD Toothpicks?

CBD toothpicks are infused with rich CBD oil, meaning that they pack all of the same health benefits as CBD oil tinctures. While CBD oils can take valuable time out of your day, CBD toothpicks are ready to use straight out of the packet with absolutely no mess.

CBD toothpicks each contain a precise concentration of CBD, giving you the confidence that you’re consuming the same amount of CBD with each stick. The level of accuracy that you get with CBD toothpicks is not always so easily achieved with other CBD products such as oils and topicals.

Not only are CBD toothpicks an excellent way to boost your health, but they are also a great tasty treat that you can discreetly enjoy no matter where you are. CBD toothpicks act as a great alternative to unhealthy snacks and treats, helping you to form better habits while also providing your body with a dose of CBD.

Where to Buy CBD Toothpicks

CBD toothpicks are becoming increasingly common, with many brands creating their own unique flavor blends that can be enjoyed in toothpick form. Shopping for CBD toothpicks is similar to purchasing other CBD products, it is essential to pay attention to the ingredients used, and the CBD contained within each item.

CBD-infused picks are one of PureKana’s newest additions to their fun range of CBD products and a great place to start when looking to try CBD toothpicks for the first time. Available in a number of tasty flavors, including mountain berry and strawberry limeade; they make a wonderful treat that you can enjoy throughout the day.

As with most of PureKana’s products, their CBD picks are made using full-spectrum CBD so that you are able to benefit from a wide range of different healthy cannabinoids all in tasty stick form.

Why not head over to PureKana and try their delicious CBD picks today?