How to use marijuana effectively?

Wondering how you use cannabis? Here is all you need to know before you place your first dispensary order

The most effective way to use cannabis will vary from patient to patient. It will depend on multiple factors, many of which we can identify and outline in this article. There are multiple methods of imbibing marijuana, each of which will be most effective for different desired outcomes.

Let’s start with how you use marijuana and go from there.

How do you use marijuana?

There are multiple ways that you can use your marijuana. Getting your daily dose comes in many forms. In the days before legalization, smoking marijuana in a joint was the firm favorite. To smoke it, you need papers and an herb grinder. The herb is ground up and laid on top of tobacco inside papers. A piece of rolled up cardboard serves as something to hold to avoid burning your fingers. The whole thing is closed, lit, and smoked. You can learn how to do this yourself by watching YouTube.

Since legalization, however, the methods used to take marijuana and the sources you get it from have changed slightly[i]. You can now get it in oils and tinctures. You can get marijuana to vape, to eat or to drink. The market opened up to dozens of new ways to take marijuana, especially in Canada. Edible marijuana sweets, oils you can add to your food, and even sprays, have allowed more people to access weed if they don’t enjoy smoking it.

What do the methods of taking cannabis mean for efficacy?

The method you use to take your marijuana will have an impact on how effective you’re using it is. So will your goals.

For example, if your goal is to treat a sprained ankle, you may wish to tackle this twofold. Selecting a medical marijuana strain best for pain relief is a good start. This can be smoked, eaten, or vaporized. On the other end of the spectrum, you might want a THC or CBD enriched muscle balm, oil, or tincture, which can be applied directly to the source of your discomfort, to heal you there.

The method you use to take the marijuana will impact its ability to have the desired effect. A good place to start in determining how effective your marijuana use is, therefore, is to define what your goals in using it are, before you commit to a strain or method of use.

Why Use Marijuana?

So, ask yourself why you are using marijuana. Is it for a medical reason? If so, consulting with a professional dispensary worker can help you to decide on a strain and a method of use. HybridFast offer an online dispensary service which can do just that.

Do you want to sue marijuana for recreational purposes? If so, is your goal to become sleepy and relaxed, to giggle, or to feel high? Deciding this will help you choose a strain.

What is the best way to use marijuana for you?

If you want to use to get high, we recommend a pipe, a vaporizer, or a joint or blunt.

A pipe is filled with weed and sometimes mixed with tobacco, which is lit and then smoked. A blunt is similar to a joint, but it is rolled with a tobacco leaf. A vaporizer is an electrical smoking device which is used to incinerate the weed, while you smoke the fumes.

If you want to use marijuana for medical reasons, we recommend a cream or balm for muscle aches and pains, or edibles or an oil which can be added to food. This is a different type of high which allows your body to use the THC and CBD components of cannabis for healing purposes.

Picking what is right for you is an individual decision, but it’s important that you aren’t put off by the choices. If all else fails, buy some cannabis gummy bears, and work your way up from there. We promise it will be worth it in the end.