Interesting facts about Vaping that You Should Know

You might have heard a lot about e-cigs and their advantage over the regular smoking habits. In this blog, we have discussed some of the best uses of vapes and stlth pods and how they are better in every way. Listed below are some of the facts about vaping that you might or might not have known:

1. It is much safer than regular smoking cigarettes

According to research conducted at the royal college of physicians, stlth Canada vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking. It does not involve combustion, the release of tar or ash, and people who switch to it from smoking experience several health benefits as it is smoke-free. This eventually reflects on oral hygiene, lung capacity, blood circulation, and skin health. Besides, it also improves the sense of smell or taste.

2. It does not expel harmful odors

As there is no release of smoke, vaping has no severe effect on you as well as the environment. It might have aroma from the flavors used, but it is far from the smell of the dead tobacco leaves. At times, the smell is barely noticeable. Even if you use the vape tobacco flavors, it won’t smell like the rank fumes that come from burning tobacco leaves.

3. You have control over the nicotine intake

E-juice is available in a wide variety of strengths that range from high-strength nicotine to nicotine-free. You can choose the amount of nicotine available in the vape and decide whether you want to use any of it. Most of the vapers usually start with high nicotine levels and slow down to lower levels, and eventually get eliminated.

4. You can control the vapor the comes out

One of the biggest advantages of vaping is that you can control the amount of vapor exhaled. Small vapes such as the pod vapes are designed according to convenience and expel out low vapor, whereas the high-powered mods are perfect for cloud chasing. You can also adjust the power output, coil type, and airflow as it lets you fine-tune the volume of vapor that expels out somewhat like a bong.

5. It is available in multiple flavors

E-juice is available in a plethora of flavors, and there are several options that you can choose among them. You will find that new flavors are created every time, so you never run out of the new ones that you want to try.  Be sure to check out Hellvape Dead Rabbit RTA as well.

6. It is perfect for getting instant satisfaction

Vapes are highly convenient to use and can sustain you throughout the day. Most of the vapes come with a pushing button or a drawing device which needs to be charged using a battery and e-juice to continue functioning. You can easily use a vape throughout the day, and it requires no upkeep or maintenance. At times, it might need a little bit of tinkering, but can be used immediately.

7. It does not cost much on the pocket

Vaping devices are available in a wide variety of price ranges. Moreover, you can easily find different types of e-cigs and sophisticated vape mods. In case you do not have ten dollars to spend, you can always find a vape that can be used immediately.